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Flying Fish by Wizbang69 - Model Shipways - 1/96

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Just thought I’d post a few photos of my first project model shipways flying fish , my wife bought me this kit for Xmas , to be honest I’m totally out of my depth but I’m willing to learn and I would be grateful for any advice you builders can give me .


andyA881305D-7E2F-4549-A3E7-C3E1994CFEC1.thumb.jpeg.978964274f8de7496ae9d3c88602e431.jpeg94DB4266-D315-4A3A-8E99-5A21B74C1D8B.thumb.jpeg.a5599a90305a040e70ee7e1c60b3fd00.jpegwaterways fitted I managed to buy a second hand Dremel scroll saw , think I’m going to need it 😄D76F7D24-75AF-4038-8B37-4789001971A6.thumb.jpeg.e8e574388ef7bb7b1e0f1cb45b7c5911.jpeg772F4D79-587C-4457-B833-E6A37B051FBE.thumb.jpeg.f98cda9889e40134d571b7faaf19d5da.jpeg420B2279-0628-4B22-A686-3D30AF1E554B.thumb.jpeg.d736b833c71be7e770eda0baa0a089b1.jpeg









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Hi Wizbang69

I actually completed this build last year and there are some pics in the gallery (uploaded feb 2018) if they help at all.

I'm a long way from being a good or experienced builder and I found the Fish to be extremely challenging at times but more than worth it in the end.

Good Luck and I'll drag up a chair if you don't mind.


IMG_2281 (1).JPG

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Hi Steve and mike thanks for the kind messages ,,I’m finding the build rather challenging, never attempted anything like this before , the last ship I built was the HMS ark royal an airfix model kit when I was about 10 year old 😂 , I’ve been struggling with the waterways and planksheer st the bow , just can’t seem to get it right but I’m persevering, I’ve uploaded a few upto date photos , but I haven’t shaped the bow cover boards yet , please feel free to tell me if I’ve made any errors.









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Looking very good, nice and clean so far Andy. The thin bridging strips across the top of the first three bulkheads  - I broke all of them, sometimes more than once!

You are probably aware of this already but it took me quite a while to work it out, the answer to just about everything you need to know about this build is in the plans - somewhere! Sometimes you have to look at two or three different sheets to get the full picture of a specific element that you are working on but it is there.

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