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The Admiral and I are getting ready to downsize to a smaller house.  That means it is time to move some of my stash.  These are all kits that are complete and and un-started that are duplicates or subjects that I no longer find interesting.  Shipping will be at cost by what ever means the buyer prefers.


ModelShipWays solid hull kit "America".  3/16"=1' scale.  White box kit.  $50 SOLD

ModelShipWays (MSW) solid hull kit "Rattlesnake".  Yellow box kit.  Box is a bit beat up but contents are fine. SOLD

MSW solid hull kit "Dapper Tom". Yellow box kit.  Ditto SOLD

MSW solid hull kit. "New York Pilot Boat Phantom".  Yellow box kit with mahogany hull.  $25 SOLD

MSW solid hull kit. "Tugboat Dispatch #9".  Yellow box, box in poor shape but contents are perfect.  $50 SOLD

Midwest "Sharpie Schooner".  $25 Sold

Midwest "Skipjack".  $25 Sold

Midway "Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack". $20 SOLD

Midwest "The Dingy".  $15Sold

Midwest "Chesapeake Double Kayak".  $25 SOLD

Billings "Skuldelev Ship".  Older kit with parts printed on wood.  Very good condition.  $30 SOLD

Bear Mountain Canoe  "Chestnut Prospector" 1:12 scale. $50

Aeropiccola "Indiscret".  This is an older kit with parts printed on the wood.  Some of the parts have been cut out but everything is there and in good shape.  Box is kind of beat up.  This appears to be a smaller scale than the newer kits.  $50 Sold



I can send pics to anyone interested.  Additional kits will be added as I thin the herd.

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