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Le Mirage by Popkov Sergey Fedorovich (Russia) - Corel

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Construction of the ship "Le Mirage" started in October 2010

Have a lot of pictures. I will post photos in small batches.
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Попков Сергей Федорович

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Welcome aboard.  Nice looking project.



Current Build: US Frigate Confederacy - MS 1:64


Previous Builds :


US Brig Syren (MS) - 2013 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Greek Tug Ulises (OcCre) - 2009 (see Completed Ship Gallery)

Victory Cross Section (Corel) - 1988

Essex (MS) 1/8"- 1976

Cutty Sark (Revell 1:96) - 1956

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Sergey -


VERY nice looking model - look forward to following as you continue.


Welcome aboard!


Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.

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I welcome at a forum, Sergey! Good work, here that means thoughtful approach to model construction from a kit!

Best regards,




Is under construction Montanes


Ready models Golden Star Corsair San Francisco II

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron

Bronze 24-pdr canone Le Fleuron (second version)

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Wow, she really looks good, you are doing a super job!  I look forward to seeing more photos.  :) 






Current Build:






Future Build:

  • BlueJacket - USS Kidd (Fletcher Class Destroyer) Solid Hull
  • BlueJacket - U.S.S. SAMUEL B. ROBERTS, DE413 | Butler-Class Destroyer Escort
  • BlueJacket - 310' Destroyer "The famous "four-piper" of both World Wars"
  • Model Shipways - Pride of Baltimore II (Topsail Schooner) 
  • Model Shipways - Willie L. Bennett (Chesapeake Bay Skipjack)
  • Constructo - Pilar (Ernest Hemingway's Fishing Yacht)  
  • Sergal - Race Horse (Bomb Ketch)
  • Classic Warships - USS Salem CA-139 (Heavy Cruiser) Resin Kit
  • Pen Duick Schooner - Half Hull (Scratch Build)
  • CSA Submarine Hunley (Resin Kit)
  • Classic Warships - USS Washington BB-56 (Battleship) Resin Kit
  • Blue Ridge Models - USS Alaska CB-1 (Resin Kit)


Completed Builds:



Hampton Roads Ship Model Society



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Very nice, can't wait to see how you alter the decorative pieces!


If you risk nothing, you risk everything!


Current builds

Syren (Model Shipways) version 2.0

AL San Francisco II

Mordaunt (Euro Model)

Completed Builds

18th Century Longboat designed by Chuck Passaro

In the closet

Battle Station

Al Charles Morgan (1980s version)


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