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RMS Titanic-AMATI-1/250 Scale kit-Really worried


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I'm very new to model building,infact,I don't think I've ever done anything serious like this before.I did build several ships before,I have a lot of patience when it comes to building and I can get around some particularly harsh situations.The problem is,I've NEVER done anything this big and time consuming in my life and I get extremely anxious even when removing pieces from the wooden table,because it costs so much,and I would hate myself for the rest of my life if I ever broke a piece.The thing I've tried doing for a lot of time was to look for tutorials or simply someone building the ship step by step,even if not extremely detailed,but all the videos I find are extremely low quality,unclear,and most of the times they are in foreign languages so I can't understand a thing or they are just a series of pictures showing the model in various points of the building,which could be useful for some more experienced builders but not for me.Does anybody have some links to clear enough videos or guides that I can look at to make myself super sure of what I'm doing?

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If you'll go to the link below and click on wooden ship kits, it will download a PDF file.  Open and scroll down to Titanic.  There's 3 Amati buildlogs for this model.  Those should help.   


As for the being anxious.... it's normal starting something outside one's comfort zone.  I'd suggest putting this model on hold and get a smaller kit to practice and learn on.  

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