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Bevel/rounding edges or not

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True. Usually, edges were bevelled or rounded or profiled using different types of planes - something that is not often reproduced in models. But in the case of the keel/stem, as in other cases, one should check against the prototype what was/would have been really done. One should also not overestimate the radius of any rounding and work to scale. So on a model the edge might still appear quite sharp.

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Thank you all for answering! 🙂

As you point out most edges would be rounded. But looking at the bow of the fishing cutter Deodar(see photo), built about 100 years later then the Sherbourne, which I try to build, the edges are quite sharp. I'm not sure though if one can use that as reference.🤔


Deodar bow.jpg

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7 minutes ago, wefalck said:

If you look closely, you can actually see the bevelling, it begins at a distance of about the diameter of the bowsprit below the bowsprit.


Is it the bevelling at the arrow you think of? Because the edges still are sharp.

Deodar bow detail.jpg

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