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Pile Driver by reklein - FINISHED - Fine Scale Models - CROSS-SECTION

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While this is on my model railroad,it is marine related. The Fine Scale Model kits are very complete and the plans are spot on. Also the instructions are worth the price of admission. I made the hull about 25 percent larger to offset the height of the tower. I used mostly a shoe dye and alcohol stain for the wood colors. There are also many detail castings in this kit. 

Pile driver closeup.JPG

FSM Pile Driver.JPG

Bill, in Idaho

Completed Mamoli Halifax and Billings Viking ship in 2015

Next  Model Shipways Syren

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Bill, his kits all make up into gems. Yours looks great. 👍


One of my local club members has a number of those FSM kits on his layout. He just had a visit from Model Railroader (MR) magazine doing a photo spread. It may show up in 2-3 years, the way MR puts layouts into print.


Started: MS Bounty Longboat,

On Hold:  Heinkel USS Choctaw paper

Down the road: Shipyard HMC Alert 1/96 paper, Mamoli Constitution Cross, MS USN Picket Boat #1

Scratchbuild: Echo Cross Section


Member Nautical Research Guild

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