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I have started work on the HMS Fly again and am taking my time.  I want to put a rabbet and bearding lines in - particular the rabbet line.  How far from the edge of the false keel should I start the rabbet ?  How deep does one normally make the depth of the rabbet ?  I would really appreciate any assistance  you can give me.  Thanks.

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Hard to say without a picture.  The best way to determine that is to temporarily put the bulkheads on and follow the edge of each.  The bulkhead edge would theoretically continue into your false keel at the same angles.  Unfortunately,  because its a pesky double planked hull that will complicate matters.

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Yes, the spacing on double-plank makes this cut very interesting.  You may as well fashion your inner layer garboard plank(s) to near-completion as part of the dry fitting.

I have found that laying the blade (facing up) against a plank pinned to the dry fit bulkheads to be a good tactile guide.  Just one bulkhead distance at a time, I first let the grip roll in my fingers as the angle of attack changes.  Then I start to let it roll my fingers along with it as I pick up on the rate of change.  Over and over until I get a good feel for it.  Then slide the bulkheads up for room to work and repeat the motion I absorbed to lightly score the cut several times.  That scoring then serves as the guide for the more aggressive blade to go for depth.  I score with #11 and cut with #19.

The "back-rabbet" along the keel is what I still am working on mastering, however.

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