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  1. I am about to start planking the hull of my ship. I have done quite a bit of research trying to find the recommended length of planks for the hull. I would prefer not to use full length planks but do the planking in a more traditional manner. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. I am working on an older kit - the USS Independence by A/L Seeing the mistakes in the kit (and the ones I have made), I am trying to get a better idea of how to approach my next build.
  3. Can someone explain the actual procedure for cutting a bearding line and rabbet line for planking. I understand the logic for cutting these lines to make the planking lie more evenly and smoothly. I just have a difficult time understanding how deep to cut the bearding/rabbet lines; how close to the false keel, etc. Would appreciate any and all feedback.
  4. In addition to the Independence, I am also working on a model called the Mystique. It is an older A/L model. The problem I am having is that the bulwarks have a significant bend to them right out of the box. My problem is that if I try to plank them length wise I will end up with a number of very thin planks with sharp ends. My other alternative to plank them vertically which will entail a large amount of small planks. My question is - are the inner bulwarks normally planked in a vertical or horizontal fashion ?
  5. A little while ago, I managed to get 3 kits for a small price. I am currently working on the Charles W. Morgan - it is an A/L kit that is approximately 20 years old. Apparently it came out around 1984. The instructions, as you imagine are not to-days's standards but are quite detailed. I will post some pictures in a little while. Am currently planking the deck which has taken me quite a while. The Charles W. Morgan was a whaling ship and this is quite a change for me as in the past I have been building British fighting ships. Will keep you posted.
  6. Okay - now I am getting frustrated !! I am trying to put the second deck on the ship - as instructed I cut it in half prior to planking some of the deck. Try as I might, I cannot get the deck to fit onto the main gun deck. As far as I can tell, there are no instructions/guidance as to how far above the main gun deck the second deck will lie. Any help would certainly be appreciated. I got back into ship modelling a little while ago and apart from this difficulty am really enjoying the build. Thanks.
  7. I am working on the older kit of the HMS Fly and am using a soft pencil to show the caulking between planks. It is bit of a dirty process and am wondering what other ways are there to show caulking between planks. Also more efficient methods and more accurate caulking methods. Thanks in advance. Dave
  8. I have started work on the HMS Fly again and am taking my time. I want to put a rabbet and bearding lines in - particular the rabbet line. How far from the edge of the false keel should I start the rabbet ? How deep does one normally make the depth of the rabbet ? I would really appreciate any assistance you can give me. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Chuck. That really helps get my head straight about doing the planking. How do you hold the planks on while the glue is drying ?
  10. This is a short tale of my experience trying to plank the hull of the gunboat William - which is a bit bluff bowed. The bulkheads are ready for the 1st. planking. I tried using brass nails, but that did not work - not really happy about using them anyways. Regular store bought clamps won't work very well. Have had previous success with "push pins" but the bulkheads on this ship are not very wide - no success this time with the push pins. Am thinking about getting some "drawing pins" ( metal one with wide head) and see if they will work. Am getting a little frustrated as until I solve th
  11. Kit looks awesome Chris. I do admire the professionalism (such a word ???) and effort you put in to making up these kits. I look forward to purchasing some of these kits. Liked the Alert but must say the Speedy is really attractive and am leaning towards that kit.
  12. I am in the process of getting ready top plank the HM William, but unfortunately have discovered that I am a little short on Limewood for the first planking. Can I use Basswood in conjunction with the LImewood or is it a totallyt different wood ?
  13. Am in the process of building a couple of ships but have run into a "block" with regard to the William. As I said a little earlier, I have been away from model ship building for about 10 years and seem to have forgotten the process for making filler blocks for some of the bulkheads bow and stern. The HMS William is a little bluff in the bow. Would appreciate any help as I don't want to start planking until I have the fillers in place and the planking has something more substantial to adhere. Thanks.
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