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Paint to match friezes on Winnie

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For those who may be interested I printed the three pages of friezes the other day just to check colors and take a planking break. Been planking for over a month and probably got at least a week left.


The following Vallejo Model Air acrylic paint matches perfectly with the friezes as printed on MY printer:

the Lighter Blue shade = 71.113 Intermediate Blue

the Darker Blue shade = 72.721 Magic Blue


Jim Rogers


Damn the Torpedoes , Full speed ahead.   Adm David Farragut.

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Print the frieze,good idea, this time I saw Mr. Chuck's method of making the frieze.

I accidentally saw a video of using a printer to make patterns and then transfer them to other objects. With his permission, he agreed that I use screenshots to introduce his methods to members in forum. 


2.Spray a protective film, which he also provided.




4.Put in water for 30-60 seconds, the bottom film will separate.


6.Transfer to the surface of another object.


7.According to him, it takes 15 minutes at 80-100 degrees Celsius. Indeed, this step is some troublesome, I will do some experiments next month.






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