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I have my keel/false keel assembled and have dry fit the bulkheads and marked the bottom edge of the bulkheads on the keel. The problem I'm having is how to cut the rabbit in the keel when the bottoms of the bulkhead don't line up in a row. Some of the bulkheads extend down lower on the keel than others. So my question is, do I trim the bottom of the bulkheads or leave them and cut a curved rabbit as opposed to a straight one? Seems to me that the straighter the rabbit the simpler the garboard strake will be. Am I correct in my thinking?





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yes, you definitely want to cut a straight rabbet along the keel, before it begins to sweep up at the bow. The bottom of the frames need to be trimmed to--or padded to-- match the straight line of the rabbet.



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