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You could try this.  https://www.caglue.com/US-1-bSuper-Solvent-2ozb-debonder-for-CA-glue-will-remove-super-glue_p_35.html.  I've built plastic model aircraft for years and found this product to be awesome.  It doesn't appear to be acetone based like most debonders and won't attack styrene plastics.  At least it never has on the many models I've built.  You you can fill things like wing seams with CA, wet a paper towel with this and rub the seam until smooth.  No damage to the plastic.


In your case, I think the severity will depend on how far the CA penetrated the wood.  With varnish already applied my guess would be minimally.  I would wipe the marks with this to remove the CA, light sand, and re-varnish those spots.  Just a thought.

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