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What to seal filler with before final planking - <Moved by moderator to proper forum area

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I am a total outsider - just observing as far as POB for method,  but is not the second (surface) layer of planking not in in essence a filler for the first layer?

What practical purpose does filling the cracks in the first layer with putty serve? 

If the moulds are so widely placed that the first layer requires hollows to be filled so as to get a smooth sweet running surface for the outside planking,

significant hollows = scab a thin layer of wood veneer using PVA.

minor dips = an easily sanded, porous material with a PVA strength binding agent.

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I wouldn't seal any part of the first planking (planks or filler).  There should be little to no visible wood filler remaining after sanding prior to your second planking.  If you have any areas of large gaps or divots in the first planking you are better served glueing additional strips and sanding down, particularly if the area is a critical glue point for the second/final planking.



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