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  1. What about filing it manually first to get the desired profile and then chucking it in the Dremel to clean it up with a red scotchbrite pad?
  2. The challenge with our model ships is scale "brightness". High polish and shine from a distance is not the same as when viewed full scale... distance dulls it to a certain extent... even on Capt. Bligh's Bounty. Even something as large as 1:10 tends to look fake if it is too shiny. To me, a certain level of dinge adds realism.
  3. Aside from toys... my first tool set was a hand-me-down X-acto carving set and Montgomery Ward soldering iron when I was 9 or 10yrs old. At that time I was splitting my hobby time between my model trains and plastic models. I think I pretty much stuck to the standard #2 blade but I thought it was really cool to have the other stuff that came with it. I gave the wooden case with the remaining blades and handle to my daughter when she was about the same age. She actually took them with her to art school, used the blades I never used, and keeps sharpening them (she uses them to carve wood blo
  4. I'm a fan of planking... wait... that isn't what you were asking.
  5. Thank you Steven, I made the rings myself... fun times with the bending iron 😁. The more I use it the more I understand how to get what I want from it.
  6. I think you are confused which one is which. Build a plastic model with PVA and you have a pile of plastic parts if you look at it wrong. Nothing likes bonding non-porous materials, CA just hates it significantly less than PVA... particularly when you don't sand the joint to provide it something to grab onto mechanically.
  7. Based on my usage of CA the bond strength isn't the big concern when working with wood; it is the strength of the substrates. The most common failure I've had using CA to bond wood is the wood itself parting at the limits of the adhesive spread due to tensile and cleavage stresses being greater than that of the wood fibers. Depending on the size of the pieces being bonded its non-plastic bond can be problematic (smaller, more dense pieces tend to work best) due to shrinking and swelling, particularly dissimilar woods. When working on natural or stained wood models I use CA only w
  8. Thanks Rodolfo, I'm happy with how it turned out. Here's the finished "basket". I decided to trim the MDF top and bottom pieces with spare wood strip rather than leaving it exposed. After cutting myself using a hobby knife I used a Dremel to hog out between the holes and then followed with some files to clean it up. The MDF forms seemed disproportionally thick so I sanded them down once I had the trim affixed.
  9. Decided to make hawses using some brass tube I had in the bin from other projects. I used a brake line flaring tool to get the necessary flare and a reamer to get them nearly flush. I tried some liver of sulphur to blacken them... it didn't work. I suspect I didn't clean them well enough, but what is done is done for now (I'll have to practice using more before I use it on the rudder and bow decoration). Once I figure out what the patina looks like on the aforementioned pieces I will paint as close as possible to match. If the wales didn't overlap I'd hold off and get it right but I'd lik
  10. Finished second planking! I still have some sanding/scraping to do, but the big hurdle before rigging is complete. The pictures definitely make it look rougher than it is. The gaps around the lower beams are aggravating as heck and certainly didn't seem as noticeable at the time. Hindsight is 20/20... I wish I would have did a test fit of the keel before starting the second planking to ensure the profile was as it should be. Luckily I didn't pitch the MDF pieces the keel was cut from yet so I cut a filler from the same spot to bring it out to look rig
  11. "...of the utmost importance." 🤣 Seriously though, Amazon has made life miserable for small businesses trying to compete. I feel for you Chuck. Whomever it is that sent you that- grow up; Chuck did his job and shipped it the following day. I don't go after the restaurant when the GrubHub guy shows up with cold food an hour and a half after it left the restaurant...
  12. Welcome from a Kansas City (OP area) native! I moved away after high school but still miss it. I'm still working my first "proper" ship and learning a lot along the way. Ask questions, take chances, and enjoy the experience.
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