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I am currently building the 1577 Revenge ( Amati) and I was wondering if anyone can help with a question regarding when serving of ropes that go around the masthead (and the forward most shroud) began.  Only reference I could find was in in zu Mondfeld's  Historic Ship Models where he states that the foremost shroud on each mast  was "wormed parcelled and served from the first half of the sixteenth century on" and from the middle of the sixteenth century on, the eye round the masthead was also served.   The ship's scale is big enough that it won't be a problem to do it and it would make a noticeable difference when compared to the part of the shroud that in not served. 


Any thoughts would be appreciated


Jeff  (Revenge build log under Xodar461)

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Not sure what you are asking......  are you wanting an opinion on whether the shroud should or should not be served?  Yes, it would be appropriate assuming Mondfeld is correct on the timing.   Keep in mind the scale of the serving line.    Using later (1624) ratios from Lees, the circumference of the stays are 0.5 the diameter of the lower mast.  The shrouds are in turn 0.66 the circumference of the stays.  The serving would then be 0.1 the circumference of the shroud, assuming the serving is the same circumference as the worming.   Lees gives the dimensions on the worming as 0.1 but I could not find the circumference of the serving in Lees or Anderson.  Running a quick calculation for a 24" diameter mast, the serving line would be about 1/4" diameter.   Perhaps Mondfeld gives this dimension or another member here will have something more specific to help.    At 1/64 scale, this is very small diameter line (0.004) .  Remember to serve the line before you rig the shrouds.   


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