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HMS Victory cross section by spear - De Agostini - 1/72

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Having wanted to get into the hobby since childhood I have finally taken the plunge, in a fairly small way to start. I have limited space to display so decided on this cross section, it seemed to be good quality and has very detailed instructions both in writing and by way of online videos.

Looking on MSW I can't see that anyone has completed the build of this.

Having read up and watched the videos I ordered and it arrived within a week.

Being a beginner to this hobby I will probably build it as intended but we shall see.

First up the box contents, all in 30 neatly labelled bags, one for each stage. I'm not sure how much it is right to post but will probably do one for each section as it is completed, that seems about right.


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I'm about 2/3 of the way through particular build.    I will tell you the parts in numbered bags never correspond to the build chapter.   While most of the parts do apply to a particular chapter you almost always have to go to other bags to get the parts you need.      Have your rulers and calipers ready.   You are going to need them.

Even so, it is still a rewarding build.

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First 2 stages complete, 7 frames built from laser cut parts. These come on two sheets, were good and fitted together without any issues. You do need to make sure you mark the number on each so you can assemble them on the keel in the right order since the part numbers are on the waste material, as can be seen in the photo, and make sure the two outer ones ( 2 and 8 ) Frames1.thumb.jpg.82b9fe69be23a431eeae190149505cdd.jpghave the marked joins facing outwards when placed on the keel.

When you buy the complete kit as opposed the when it was in parts you do need to download the instructions and the templates for the frames and gun ports - make sure you print these off full size.2036115194_Section1.thumb.jpg.a1e556a9c39741b11da47dbde8011ccb.jpg

Next to stage 3, build the basic frame on the keel

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Stage 3 almost finished, just need to trim the dowels.

A clever design I thought but you need to take care to follow the instructions so that you add in the various pieces and glue as set out or you could get in trouble. Also make sure the small parts are round the right way before gluing - nearly messed that up.

Next stage is on to the first section of planking down by the keel.

Stage 3.jpg

Stage 3a.jpg

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