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  1. I just hope the Amati version isn't going to be like the Caldercraft HMS surprise ( 6years and counting?) For the original poster. At this point in time, I would definitely go with the Caldercraft if for the buildability if anything.
  2. Hi Best is always a subjective opinion. I've built the Caldercraft version and loved the experience. Prior to that I had attempted one of the other European brands and couldn't finish it due to my perceived lack of quality/detail. One word of warning. The Caldercraft kit is huge and requires a very large case if you are going to display it.
  3. Now it's on to the ship's boats with lots of uncertainty on my part. This will be the first time I have attempted building such small boats. Given the quality of the instructions and materials I am fairly optimistic that they will turn out fine. All that's left to do is string the photo etched pieces that were installed today. Up to step 690 in the instruction book and other than the boats there doesn't appear to be much more to do besides lots of touchups and refining of small details. I am sorely tempted to rig this model but there just isn't room in the house. So Chris, when is the next big model coming out??? I'll be one of the first in line to get it.
  4. Thanks. It must be that when I got to the stage of sanding that area even I didn't like the fact that you would see the layering of the various pieces and not realizing that those slots were there for a purpose, I just used wood filler to even out that whole area. Actually, I kind of like my solution as that whole area if very even and the timberheads sit nicely.
  5. While working on the boat cross beams I learned that when you install the chain pump handles do NOT have either of them vertical. They will interfere with the beams. On the prototype it appears they interfere just a bit. I have one of mine almost vertical and it will require notching the beam by about 1mm just like Jim says in his prototype build.
  6. While I'm sorely tempted to mast and rig this model, I just can't. I already have 6 Caldercraft kits including Victory, Diana, Snake, et al, rigged and encased. Plus about 6 other kits of various manufacturers finished and encased. There just isn't any room. So it looks like I am nearing completion. As you can maybe see from the pictures I had no problem placing those 4 timberheads where I missed the slots. I think it was the right decision to not include the galley doors. They just didn't make any sense being there. And given the positioning of those doors, in real life who would use them. Looked to be very tight quarters with the bits directly in front of the doors. I am concerned about my ability to construct those ship's boats. They are are so tiny and my planking skills are not the greatest. I am just hoping that given the quality of this kit that maybe they won't be much of a problem.
  7. The first picture here shows that area that I thought something was missing. According to Jim above there are supposed to be 2 slots in this area. As you can see there are none. And while I did use filler to even out this area I definitely do not remember any slot. Either way, it will be an easy matter to attach two timberheads to this area. The other picture shows the aft section with a lot done. The timberheads, wheel, binnacle and in front of this area are in. Now for a bunch of painting
  8. The only thing about James' pictures, they clearly show the slots for the timberheads. That wasn't just sanded smooth.
  9. I have just gone through James's prototype build log again, and for that issue with the gunwales that I am having, again, I don't see any mention of a piece going there but there are numerous later pictures showing something there. Not a huge issue since I think my solution will work well.
  10. Progress continues but at a slower pace. Lots of painting at this stage so it takes time to let the paint dry. I may have found something that is missing. If I have goofed up let me know. It has to do with the gunwales. The fore, mid and aft gunwales are very straightforward but on both sides just aft of the mid gunwale and parallel to the main channel there is a short section that looks to require a gunwale but I don't see any reference to it in the instructions nor do I see anything resembling that piece in the laser cut sheets. But the picture in step 581 appears to show a piece there with two opening for later pieces. Since I couldn't find any corresponding pieces I just filled in the space with wood filler and finished and painted it. Once I get to the place with adding pieces in those two openings, I'll just drill a hole there and attach the pieces. (after posting this I am going to go down to the workroom and look again for those pieces). As I mentioned before I left the galley door frames off for later addition. As it turns out after thinking about it I wonder why even have those doors there. There is no "room" that would require doors. On this model the door frame would just be sitting there. As built on the model, sailors would not have to go through the doors to get to the stove. They could just go around the frame. I am going to leave that assembly off entirely.
  11. The quarterdeck and the forecastle deck have been applied as well as the bulwark sections. The deck sections required just a bit of shaping to fit. I did note that in the forecastle area after you have placed the beams, there are 3 sections of MDF frames protruding above deck level. These need to be removed. Later pictures show them removed but I didn't read any mention of this process unlike the process being mentioned for the quarterdeck. Still an easy and intuitive process.
  12. As the saying goes, Haste makes waste. But I really don't feel like I'm speeding through this. Just steady daily work maybe averaging 1-2 hours a day. It's just so easy when so many parts are prefabricated and require minimal prep work.
  13. Yes. As I get closer to the end I will try and add some lighting. It's just that my work space is adequately lit for building but not adequately lit for photos. And flash doesn't help any.
  14. Sound reasoning for not getting this get at this time. Having built over 20 kits from various manufacturers, this kit is like no other. Super high quality parts with most of the parts prefabricated. Thoroughly enjoyable build. I'm even tempted to get another kit because this one was so much fun. Can't wait for Chris's next big kit. If you can get permission definitely buy this kit.
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