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I'm not sure if you know about this publication. I have done a search on Haynes and nothing came up so i presume it's not already on the forum !


I have just bought this ............


HMS Victory Manual - by Peter Goodwin

An insight into owning, operating and maintaining the Royal Navys oldest and most famous warship.


Maritime historian and former HMS Victory Keeper and Curator Peter Goodwin tells the story of Nelson's flagship, giving fascinating insights into how she was built, her anatomy and weaponry, and how a ship of the line in the Georgian navy was sailed, fought and maintained.




It appears to be a good source for detail. 





Derek the man from Kent, UK


HMS Victory by Derek - Jotika


In the pipeline............. Scratch build Cutty Sark





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HMS Victory (1765 - 1812)

Haynes - Owners Workshop Manual

    I have recently received my copy of this book from Amazon and wish to say

how impressed I am with this book. It was first published 2012 written by

Peter Goodwin. There are coloured photos on just about every page and the

detail of the ship's construction & fitting out is a great complementary work to

John Mckay's AOS "100-gun ship Victory"  The Manual has almost 180 pages

and can be found by ISBN 978-085733-0857. McKay's book concentrates on

excellent detailed drawings, but the Manual has lots of info which helps us

better understand naval administration and life-on-board during formal service.

    Regards, pollex




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I have just received my copy of this excellent book. I am not intending to build Victory at this time but the wealth of detail in the book will be transferable to other projects. I have already seen better examples of implements and fittings below deck than those depicted in my current Panart Gun Deck cross section.

It is easy to recommend this book to other readers.



Previous Build: LA gun deck cross section.
Previous Build: Lancia Armata. Panart 1:16
Previous Build: HMS Pickle. Jotika Build.

HMS Triton cross section 1:32.

Shelved awaiting improved skills:

Chuck"s Cheerful.

Current build.

Tender Avos.

HM cutter Alert.




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