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Santisima Trinidad by Cristikc - FINISHED - Occre - 1769 wood Cross Section 1:90

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I' ll try to repost some of the pictures of this kit (that is near the end)

I'll put just some informations from what i remember

"Built in Havana in 1769, Santisima Trinidad carried 120 guns on three
decks. Badly damaged in the battle of Cape St. Vincent in 1799, she was
rebuilt with the addition of a fourth deck and the number of cannon
increased to 136, making her the largest ship of her time. In 1805, she
sailed into the Battle of Trafalgar with a crew of 1,048 men and her
immense 4-decked sides showing the barrels of her formidable guns. The
British disabled and captured her during the battle. She sank in a storm
the following day, ending her 35-year service to the Spanish Navy."

This is the kit i received in october 2010






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I also have been enjoying the cross sections more and more. Glad to see you got yours up and going again. Never heard of "Jewish bittum" before this is the first time, also not sure I spelled it right. Could you maybe tell what it is?

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Start to prepare the mast:  post-425-0-99776100-1361655640_thumb.jpg


Detail of the "lathe" i use:  post-425-0-34174900-1361655716_thumb.jpg



The whole "lathe" and the post : post-425-0-88509800-1361655772_thumb.jpg


At the end, the result:    post-425-0-17697400-1361655871_thumb.jpg




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