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Figureheads of English East Indiamen 1750

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Found this in the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Museum site. The description reads:

"PLACE MADE - unknown

 DATE MADE - 1750
A photo-processed copy of a print depicting four figureheads of English East Indiamen. Figureheads from the top, clockwise: a man wielding a club with both hands over his head from the waist up, a bearded man with a crown holding an unidentified object with his left hand, a dragon with a forked tongue, and a falcon. The entire length of the bowspirits is not depicted; the ends are rendered with jagged edges as if they were broken off. The illustration was most likely taken from a book and was originally folded. The remnants of acid migration, or the faint designs overlapping the darker illustrations, perfectly match up and mirror many of the illustrations."
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10 hours ago, bruce d said:

a bearded man with a crown holding an unidentified object with his left hand

 Bruce, it looks like a man riding a griffin, the griffin's head is center of the man's stomach. The man's right hand appears to be ready to cover or just uncovering the griffin's eyes while his left hand grasps the griffin's talon. But hey, I flunked the Rorschach test. :)



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