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  1. I fully support John's description of the advantages of working with a wider table.
  2. Sorry and shame on me Ron for mixing the letters of your name: CORRECT is Ron Thibault
  3. Hi Kronvold, I support the accessories list by Tim Boultron. The comment from Charles Green requires an IMPORTANT UPDATE: Jim offers now a wider table for the TS: from 12 inch to 18 inch. I for myself would opt for the wider table, but conversion of an "old" version TS require shipment to Jim's shop USA and a retutn shipment. Involved cost is too high. So I would recommend to order the a TS with the wider table from the start. I find one more valuable accessory is the SLIDING TABLE. Greetings
  4. Taking the contemporary launching plan from Frederic H.Chapman's "Architectura Navalis Mercatoria 1768" as a valid pattern I see the frames mounted in right angle (90 degree) to the keel timber. In the ship plans of this first scientific naval architect the frames are always shown at right angles to the keel even with ships having an extreme difference of drought between stern and bow. Joachim
  5. The German modelling specialist Steingraeber offers metal figures in 18th century garb: https://www.steingraeber-modelle.de/Figuren-18-Jhdt-1-64_KR62200
  6. many firehips were converted regular ships, ex Navy, merchant or prizes. Have a look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_ship and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fireships_of_the_Royal_Navy I think their original decoration was not taken off out of two reasons: too much work involved and if one could distinguish an enemy fireship on the first glance due to "low end" outfit it was easier to to adjust own tactics.
  7. Hello John, you may have a look here: https://www.preiserfiguren.de/. They offer all sorts of figures in various scale sizes. These model figures are offered by some model railway shops as well. I bought some in 1:48 scale some years ago. The can be adopted quite easily to all historical model eras. Greetings Joachim
  8. Hi Kronvold, I purchased the Byrnes Table saw plus accessories directly from Jim in the USA mid last year. They packed all items expertly for save shipment with lots of well fitting foam parts in a big carton box and shipped by FEDEX Int'l. It took approx. 4 weeks until the shipment was finally released from German Customs and delivered to me. I would recommend to order all spares and relevant accessories with this first lot due to economising on shipment and import costs. Technically seen it is a wonderful machine in high end manufacture. I love it. Just inquire on the
  9. Hello Cathead, the shield version shown presently with its arms going to the left is definitely NOT Nazi but amongst in many cultures a Scandinavian lucky (sun) sign for centuries and as it was for instance used by Finland's Armed Forces prior and during WW 2. Flipping the sign (mirroring) would bring the arms to the right and then it is DEFINITELY a Nazi symbol. So keep it as it is, so there is no ambiguity.
  10. Allan, thank you very much for your efforts in clarifying the matter for (not only) me. My issue of Falconers Dictionary is a reprint of "a new edition, corrected, printed for T. Cadell 1780" which I will search for finding the relevant passages you mention and will try to look up the 1765 ordnance store regulation. And yes, being a traditionalist when it comes to the original form of words, i also stick to the proper word for that splice. Great help of yours. cotrecerf
  11. Allan, P.S. I will check Falconer's Marine Dictionary (1780) for relevant details. cotrecerf
  12. Allan, as you are I am of the opinion that the Oxford Companion's entry must be based on a reliable contemporary source. I guess they would not list a very exotic and rare method. I have checked Lavery's arming and fitting but could not find a matching description. I have no access to Caruana's book, so hopefully you will find something there. cotrecerf
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