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  1. I discovered a box containing af Chapman plans of Architectura Navalis in the early 1980's in an antiquarian bookshop in Cologne. I got it for then 100.00 Deutschmarks. The box contains 6 carton folders with all plans, "frontispiece" showing Stockholm at the time of af Chapman and the rigging overview of all ships shown in the plans.. In this non-digital era I made lots of photocopies of the English cutter plans (side elevation and frames) scaled to 1:50. When I got internet access in the 1990's I sampled much more detailed information and could compare plans of various contemporary cutter builds, as the Chapman plans do not show much detail of deck fittings and other details. We ship modellers are lucky nowadays: all the Chapman plans and many others are available in digitalized formats. best regards an I hope you enjoyed a Happy Fourth!
  2. Hello Ryland, up to date, there is no further progress of the build, .... BUT.... I bought a brandnew Table Saw plus all accessories (except tilting table for now) from Jim Byrnes. It took surprisingly little time for shipment and bringing it through German import procedures. At present I make trials on this machine and on an Emco Unimat 3 Lathe plus Milling unit I acquired a while ago. So there are steep learning curves for me to master in integrating more machines in my modelling work. Once I produce presentable results on my cutter build, I'll share pics. So long. Regards Joachim
  3. Very nice to see you and your works back on board! I especially like the atmospheric aspect of your paintings. Thanks!
  4. excellent material, excellent tools and excellent workmanship...wow! especially the multi-purpose workbench is real eyecandy!
  5. Best wishes for a good year 2020 to all of you, of course I support the point of view of Bilge Rat: "Go with what you feel on this . And don't feel alone, my head hurts too" However, I looked a little deeper into the matter and found some pics of a modell of a 74 gun ship by the name of Le Protecteur actually built in 1760, this model of which was made in 1770 and is part of the modell collection of the [afficher]musée national de la Marine de Paris you can see the hammocks in their nets partially protruding over the line of the hull. Source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:Protecteur_mg_7259.jpg regards Cotrecerf
  6. Gentlemen, I found a quote concerning hammock in French Marine Royale: "règlements de la Marine. L’article 9 de celui du 15 janvier 1780, finit en ces termes : ”Les hamacs seront mis à la traîne tous les mois et en relâche ils seront lavés à terre”. proving that according to the regulations of the marine issued 15. January 1780 in article 9 hammocks were so commonly used, that there had to be regulations of usage, cleaning etc. So to me the racks shown in th drawings are hammock racks. Source: https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/culture/histoire-de-la-marine/branle-bas-d1477128-69c9-a34c-885a-cdcd48f48467
  7. 😉 you are so predictable: pure excelence again!
  8. and again, I'm full of admiration. and I see how much there is for me to learn yet.
  9. Here is my long time build (> 10 years) . I'm going to pick up work on her by the end of this year. Basically its's my first ever scratch build after initial two kit models. Still a lot to do, but I enjoy very much thus being compelled to learn lots of new technologies and skills, materials and manufacturing know-how. With the support of this Forum I'am sure to come up with a nice model some day. 😉
  10. Thank you ever so much, Valeriy for your quick answer. They look so perfect. I've seen some half cowls made from brass sheet embossed by hand in a negative wooden die. Electro-forming is undoutedly much more precise. Congratulations
  11. Thanks Chris for your putting my question into an understandable technical expression. Yes, electro-forming is what i wanted to say. Thanks Valeriy for confirming. I would appreciate very much a description of your technology, if your time allows.
  12. Dear Valeriy, absolutely stunning work! How did you make the cowls of the ventilation shafts, by electro-galvanzed building-up fall-out? They look so much better than punched half-cowls brazed together.
  13. Hello Valeriy, wow, fantastic work! Varyag is of the same period and style as a future project I am planning to build: German Gun Boat Iltis II stationary of Tsing Tau in 1900. Looking forward to learning of the progress of your Cruiser. Joachim
  14. Hello Captain Hook, I made a compilation of gun sizes ( Armstrong Frederick-Design ) of 1760. Dimensions in Imperial and conversion into metric. Some details of carriages ( also in German language) from various sources as well. All in a xls sheet. I will try to turn the 3 -pounders on my small Unimat-3 lathe. I'll inform about results later. I'm working on Af Chapman English cutter. Armstrong-Frederick Cannons Umrechnungen.xlsx
  15. Hello to all of you from the beautiful area of the Western Wood in the State of Rhineland-Palatine in Germany, I'm happy to be a new member of MSW and this most interesting forum. I very much appreciate the profound historical knowledge and technical Know-how displayed here in the Forum. I am mainly interested in historic ship building of the 18th century in Europe and the US.

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