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  1. Hello Dali, very ingenious manufacturing and a superb model. Thanks for your examples for me to follow. With the hull almost completed, do you also build the masting and rigging, or do you leave it as a hull only build? When and how will you mount the hull on the final display stand? best regards cotrecerf
  2. I was thinking of a cipher in a sort of shorthand system, too... regards
  3. Good evening Mark, Quote: I would be very interested in knowing your source for the rigging data table. I have not seen this before. Can you me know, please, if it's not a secret. -Unquote The source is definetely not a secret. I copied the jpg of the rigging data table on 08.01.2020 but I have not been able to retrace the source so far, as my net browser history is cleared regularly. My nearest guess would be the NMM UK, but I have not managed to trace it there today. Hopefully I will find a clue on my second PC. Sorry that I cannot be of any service right
  4. Hello popeye2sea, Thanks for your suggestion. There are some clearly legible "ones" in the chart. (green circles). So I think there must be another interpretation for the fishhook; zeros are clearly discernible, too. Please experts, give it a further go. thanks in advance
  5. Dear Fellows, I have difficulty to interpret the "fish hook-number" written by hand in many numbers of the inventory attached. I 'd appreciate your help to proceed my build of the af Chapman cutter. best regards cotrecerf
  6. Valery, thank very much for your good wishes! I wish you a Happy New Year, too! cotrecerf
  7. Your work is so inspiring, though can hardly be acheived by a part-time hobbyist! Thanks for your technical enlightenment.
  8. Hi Giampiero and friends, sorry, I was wrong: the chisels were discussed in the German ship modeller forum " Arbeitskreis Historischer Schiffbau" under https://forum.arbeitskreis-historischer-schiffbau.de/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1536 rgds
  9. Thanks, Giampiero, I wondered whether you got the chisels from a different supplier than the Russian; the Russian chisel set was discussed in this forum already. An alternative supplier from say within the European Community would facilitate the order and delivery handling. best regards cotrecerf
  10. Hello Giampiero, very impressive quality of work. I'm interested to know what amnufacture are the mini-chisels you use. Where to buy? rgds cotrecerf
  11. Hello Blue Ensign, years ago I've seen scale "silver darlings" made from caraway seed airbrushed with silver paint. From a distance they looked quite convincing. Be sure to use the right caraway fruits; cumin fruits ar shorter and thicker! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caraway b rgds cotrecerf
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