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  1. Sorry, forgot to show the link of Duke William plan: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/86177.html
  2. Hello tabycz, yes, this box is a housing of the rudder head; imho I suggest a dual use in some cases: seat-of-ease for the captain, crew have to use channels.
  3. Hello Louie da fly and all others interested in this subject, I have a facsimile print of this medieval travel report. The handwriting is Gothische Kursive widely used all over Europe for makin books ( almost all were hand-written. Two specialists for that era, Prof. Dr. F. Reichert and Dr. A. Denke have scientifically examined the original and transcribed the text into modern German. In my translation it says: This Nave (ship) stood by Modon ( town in Greece Peloponnes). It is said, it held 800 Moors ( African slaves) , who had been bought as their property by the T
  4. I envy you so much for your manufacturing abilities. Gorgeous!! b rgds cotrecerf
  5. I discovered a box containing af Chapman plans of Architectura Navalis in the early 1980's in an antiquarian bookshop in Cologne. I got it for then 100.00 Deutschmarks. The box contains 6 carton folders with all plans, "frontispiece" showing Stockholm at the time of af Chapman and the rigging overview of all ships shown in the plans.. In this non-digital era I made lots of photocopies of the English cutter plans (side elevation and frames) scaled to 1:50. When I got internet access in the 1990's I sampled much more detailed information and could compare plans of various contemporar
  6. Hello Ryland, up to date, there is no further progress of the build, .... BUT.... I bought a brandnew Table Saw plus all accessories (except tilting table for now) from Jim Byrnes. It took surprisingly little time for shipment and bringing it through German import procedures. At present I make trials on this machine and on an Emco Unimat 3 Lathe plus Milling unit I acquired a while ago. So there are steep learning curves for me to master in integrating more machines in my modelling work. Once I produce presentable results on my cutter build, I'll share pics. So long. Regards
  7. Very nice to see you and your works back on board! I especially like the atmospheric aspect of your paintings. Thanks!
  8. excellent material, excellent tools and excellent workmanship...wow! especially the multi-purpose workbench is real eyecandy!
  9. Best wishes for a good year 2020 to all of you, of course I support the point of view of Bilge Rat: "Go with what you feel on this . And don't feel alone, my head hurts too" However, I looked a little deeper into the matter and found some pics of a modell of a 74 gun ship by the name of Le Protecteur actually built in 1760, this model of which was made in 1770 and is part of the modell collection of the [afficher]musée national de la Marine de Paris y
  10. Gentlemen, I found a quote concerning hammock in French Marine Royale: "règlements de la Marine. L’article 9 de celui du 15 janvier 1780, finit en ces termes : ”Les hamacs seront mis à la traîne tous les mois et en relâche ils seront lavés à terre”. proving that according to the regulations of the marine issued 15. January 1780 in article 9 hammocks were so commonly used, that there had to be regulations of usage, cleaning etc. So to me the racks shown in th drawings are hammock racks. Source: https://voilesetvoiliers.ouest-france.fr/culture/histoire-de-la-marine/branle-bas-d1477
  11. and again, I'm full of admiration. and I see how much there is for me to learn yet.
  12. Here is my long time build (> 10 years) . I'm going to pick up work on her by the end of this year. Basically its's my first ever scratch build after initial two kit models. Still a lot to do, but I enjoy very much thus being compelled to learn lots of new technologies and skills, materials and manufacturing know-how. With the support of this Forum I'am sure to come up with a nice model some day. 😉
  13. Thank you ever so much, Valeriy for your quick answer. They look so perfect. I've seen some half cowls made from brass sheet embossed by hand in a negative wooden die. Electro-forming is undoutedly much more precise. Congratulations
  14. Thanks Chris for your putting my question into an understandable technical expression. Yes, electro-forming is what i wanted to say. Thanks Valeriy for confirming. I would appreciate very much a description of your technology, if your time allows.
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