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  1. Hello everybody, I made the checker floor for the captains cabin. I wanted it like on the pictures on the captains cabins: First thing was to provide the stripes and cut them without breaking them. Next step was to stick them upside down on a tape. after that was done, a veneer template, wich had the size of the later flooring was glued to it upside down. Afterwards the edges were cut and sanded in shape and the surface was polished. Her you see the flooring on the model:
  2. I glued the panel to the model now and added the sliding door. Next will bet the port side panel.
  3. The next thing for me to do is the panels and flooring of the captains cabin. I wanted to use my ivory for the panels and started with the starbord panel. I made a base from a thin veneer and cut out door and gunport in the right position. Then I glued small strips of veneer onto it, for the placement of frames and panels. The ivory parts were cut and profiled on the saw and afterward sanded an glued on the base. Here you see the result. My material will be enou
  4. I made the inboard planking of the bulwarks, and of course forgot to insert the little shells in the second layer, I inserted them in the first layer. So I have do drill the holes in the right place and somehow create the notch between them. After painting everything, I will continue with the paneled captains cabin. Matthias
  5. I think it is a question of, what kind of model we want to build. There are different traditions of modelshipbuilding. The more puristic English Royal Navy dockyard model, or the models of the French Naval yards, or the famous Trianon collection. They show virtually every possible detail. Look here these cabins. They are like little dollhouses. The focus is on the details. They cover up the beauty of the hull. Very interesting and a document, but for the Winchelsea, I would prefer the English style.
  6. Hello everybody, I started chapter 4 now, and made 2 of those fantastic gun's at the beginning. I think the red carriage suits better, but the natural carriage is beautiful as well. Next I planked the lower deck platforms and glued the deck beams an deck sheats in position. All turned out well, no problems so far. This broadside will look wonderful, once completed!! Matthias
  7. Good morning Herbert. There exist detailed plans from Harold Underhill about LEON. He even wrote two books about building this model. There are lots of Informations. I suppose, you need the original dimensions? Or of the model 1:48 scale? Matthias
  8. Merry Christmas to all of you. I hope you are enjoying some time with your shipmodels. My wife got me an incredible book about the shipmodels of the musee de la marine in Paris. Looking at the great cabin of the frigate "La Flore" makes me dreaming of finally continuing my Winchelsea!!! My rigging project made some Progress, but I am running out of blocks, so Winnie will continue soon. Matthias
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