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  1. Hi Matt, thanks for your sympathy! While waiting for some parts, I started the rigging of an 1/75 Model of a frigate. The parts for the next Winchelsea arrived long time ago, but the rigging takes so much time, that I didn't yet continue with the next chapter. Here are some pictures, of where I'm stuck at the moment. Examples from NMM Making sails making the yards and adding the sails most of the time goes to reading to understand, how the rigging works.
  2. Hi Bob. A phantastic model. Well done!!! Did you carve the scale figure yourself? Matthias
  3. Hi, your model looks beautiful, but what happened to your friezes? They Keep in better condition, of you spray them with varnish, before gluing them in place. Matthias
  4. The Queen Anne barge of Jean Paul looks superbe! I would love to build a fully planked version of the barge, but that is too much for now. Maybe later.
  5. stern frieze.pdf If anyone is interested in using the pictural stern frieze of HMS Winchelsea for his model, feel free to use this pdf-file. Matthias
  6. Hello Everybody, Chapter III is done now, the model looks so beautiful, thanks again Chuck, for this design. so it is time now to do some cleaning and repairs and maybe continue rigging of a few older models. They all can't keep up with the Winni, but I still like them. Matthias
  7. Well done Reg. Your stern arrangement looks very good! And I like your base. It looks really nice with those brass collumns. Where have you got them from? Matthias
  8. By the way, I just received 3 lovely antik etchings from E.W. Cooke. They were sent of from Manassas Virginia / USA on July 27. And arrived today. That is very fast shipping even in times before corona. The mail seems to be okay now.
  9. If you go to any average furniture joiner here abouts, they usually are able to do such work. I myself worked in such a workshop for 3 years. Everything is there: Huge table circular saw, band saw, milling machines, thickness sanders, and so on. We sometimes made nice building blocks for children out of wood, wich was left over from bigger projects. Usually the apprentice made that. Are there no such companys nearby, who are willing to do such work? You maybe should move to Europe Chuck, I would organise the milling for you
  10. Hello everybody, thanks for the likes and comment. Here is a little update of my work on the stern columns. This is so much fun, building this model. Thanks Chuck. Matthias
  11. The carvings are now added to the stern. I had some trouble to get the right balance of Neptun and Diana. (is it Diana, or Athene?), because Neptun is a little bit larger. Here you can see the result. Matthias
  12. Thanks for the comments and likes, here some pictures of the model, after adding the moldings at the stern. Matthias
  13. Hi Steve, that looks good! Just a little thing: The lower molding at the bow should be longer, so there is no gap to the stem. Matthias
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