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  1. Hello everybody, thanks for the likes and comment. Here is a little update of my work on the stern columns. This is so much fun, building this model. Thanks Chuck. Matthias
  2. The carvings are now added to the stern. I had some trouble to get the right balance of Neptun and Diana. (is it Diana, or Athene?), because Neptun is a little bit larger. Here you can see the result. Matthias
  3. Thanks for the comments and likes, here some pictures of the model, after adding the moldings at the stern. Matthias
  4. Hi Steve, that looks good! Just a little thing: The lower molding at the bow should be longer, so there is no gap to the stem. Matthias
  5. The friezes and Fancy moldings on both sides together with the Qgallery-roofs are now finished. After printing the friezes, I sprayed the paper 2-3 times with varnish, then cut it out and glued it to the model. Here are some Pictures. Now I look forward to the stern with all the wonderful carvings from Jack. That will be the absolute higlight of my so far modelbuilding. Matthias
  6. My experience is, that the tracking is often not working properly. In the past the Syren posts usually took about 10 days to where I live in Germany. And when they arrived the tracking still said, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt. As far as I know the custom is usually the problem.
  7. Okay thanks for the advice. I will close the Qgallery with tape from the inside, that might help against the dust. I actually just spent more than one hour searching one of the windows wich fell down when I carried the model outside, thats why I spontaniously glued them to the model. I was so happy finding it inside the doormat. Matthias
  8. Today I almost finished the port side Qgallery. These photos are always so mercyless. Now I see the incorrect angles and the bent window glazing. I didn't see that in my workshop under the artificial light. But there is still the starbord Qgallery to do it better. Matthias
  9. Maybe my profile is just scraped too thin at the lower edge. It was a great moment, adding the first of Jack‘s superb figures to the model.
  10. I started building the Qgalleries. Chuck, did you somehow double up the upper fancy molding? I had to put a strip underneath it, otherwise the collums would not fit underneath the profile. I also sanded the roof, but that does not fit properly yet.
  11. Chuck, That model is another example with red painted coamings. Wich one is it? The cabin panels of your Winni look great, even upside down !!!
  12. How to explain in a foreign language... Here are two photos. If there are Copyright issues, please delete them. The first show the panels with frames and fillings. The second shows something like plywood with a painted frame.
  13. Hello everybody, I spent some time playing around with photoshop. I wanted to make an attempt to use the stern frieze wich is painted on the Winchelsea model at Greenwitch. What do you think? Here are some pictures.
  14. This "afternoon quicky" is a masterpiece Jim. You should publish your watercolours. They are marvellous. Matthias

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