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New User with questions

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Hi....I bought a Sopwith Camel plane.....tougher than I thought it would be....been building giant Lego cars for 3 years.....3000 pieces plus.....not that bad....This is a whole new Game   How do I become a new user with my own picture..... I need quite a bit of help getting started....your site is amazing....will be very helpful but I will still have a few questions now and then.....Please let me know how I can get started....Thanks..   Don Scott

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This may not be the best forum for planes, but anything is welcomed. To get you started, you are in the right section, just hit the Start a New Topic box. 

Type your text and drag pictures into the lower section of the window.

When inserting a picture, place your cursor where you want that picture to display, go to the bottom, select the picture you want and hit insert.

At the end, just Save and it will be published. Very easy to use and one of the best engines for forums.



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If you are referring to your profile picture, click on your user name in the upper right, then click on Profile.  Once on the profile page, click on the little picture icon in the upper left, the thing in the lower left of this tiny screen grab:



Which Sopwith Camel did you buy?  I recently started building the one from Artesania Latina and have a build log in this section.   I think there is also at least one build log for the Model Airways sopwith camel. 


As noted, MSW is obviously more about nautical subjects,  but you are in the right place for the limited number of non-nautical subjects on this forum.


And welcome to MSW.


- Gary


Current Build: Artesania Latina Sopwith Camel

Completed Builds: Blue Jacket America 1/48th  Annapolis Wherry


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