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how much rope do I need


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I am considering scrapping my kit rope and replacing it with Chucks rope; somebody please tell me why I bought a kit again??  I am using the "Period Ship Scale" spread sheet from the database here to get my sizes but I am unsure how much to purchase.  Does anybody have some rough guidelines on how much rope to buy? I know, I know, enough to hang myself with! I can see it would be very easy to get too much - expensive, or too little, annoying and a waste of time. Having to order more could also get me different dye lots - out of any manufacturers controll but still annoying.


Thanks for any advice,


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Thanks for replying. The ship is the Constructo Enterprise 1:51. The kit came with 2 spools each of black and tan "yarn" as they call it. The black are approximately .020" and .040". The tan are .016" and .024-.025" No lengths are given in the instructions. going by the spreadsheet above I figure I will need 3-4 sizes of each. I havent figured out my sizes yet, just though there might be a formula that would get me in the ball park. 


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If you can't figure it out analytically you can wrap the "yarn" around the back of one of your chairs. Count how many wrappings you did. Slide the yarn off the chair and measure the distance from one end to the other. Multiply that by two (since your circle is flattened into 2 lines) and then multiply that number by how many wrappings you completed.  It shouldn't take more than 3-5 minuntes :).

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#^@%!$@ Women!!!  :P  :P  :P  Thanks Sarah that is just WAY too easy!!


Jan yes I have only 1/2 kit under my belt but that seems to be the consensus here, thanks for the reminder. 


tomorrow is Saturday and I should have the day off and will have time to figure sizes and quantities. That is of course if Warrior Kitten stays off the work bench....caught her playing house hockey with a bottle of CA a few minutes ago...



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So Using Sarah's method I come up with 81' of small black thread .020 and 90' of large black .040 call it 100' of each to round up. I will worry about the running rigging later since a the rate I am building it will be a while before I get to that point. Below is what I figured based on the ship scale spreadsheet mentioned before.


I have listed the available sizes how they relate in 1:51 scale and my estimated amount as well as how much I think I need to order. I figure I will use the .008" for seising also. I measured everything off the plans and multiplied by 1.5 and then rounded up to the nearest 20' amount


The first number is the diameter given on the spreadsheet for each item, the second is the closest available size, in some cases rounded down since I assumed smaller was better. The next number is how much I estimate I need. In a couple of cases it appears that the size I need is unavailable, for instance the Fore and Main stays are much larger than what I understand to be available so I went with the largest.


I think I have covered all the standing rigging , I am not sure.

Thanks again for any input or advise.






Available Rope Sizes from Syren Ship Co. - 20' units


  • .008 - 1/2”

  • .012 - 3/4”

  • .025 - 1-1/4”

  • .035 - 1-3/4”

  • .045 - 2-1/4”

  • .054 - 2-3/4”

  • .062 – 3-1/4”



Standing Rigging

Dark Brown



  • .008 – 28' – Order 80'

  • .035 – 12' Order 20'

  • .045 – 9' – Order 20'

  • .054 – 22' – Order 40'

  • .062 – 48' – Order 80'



  • Bobstay 2.96” - .062 - 3'

  • Shrouds – 2.6” - .054 - 3'

  • Gammoning – 2.6 - .054 - 3'


Fore Mast

  • Fore Stay – 5.91 - .062 (.115”) - 4'

  • Fore Top Mast Stay – 2.96 - .054 - 4'

  • Back Stays – 3.55 - .062 - 3'

  • Fore Shroud – 3.55 - .062 - 12'

  • Fore Top Mast Shrouds – 2.34 - .045 - 9'

  • Ratlines - .48 - .008 – 11'

  • Lanyards -1.77” - .035 - 6'


Main Mast

  • Main Stay – 6.57 - .062 (0.40) - 4'

  • Main Top Mast Stay – 3.28 - .062 - 4'

  • Back Stays – 3.94 - .062 -3'

  • Main Shrouds – 3.94 - .062 - 15'

  • Main Top Mast Shrouds – 2.60 - .054 - 12'

  • Main ratlines – 0.48 - .008 – 14'

  • Lanyards – 1.97” - .035 - - 6'

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I had thought about doing just that but I didnt want to get to a point and not have enough. Looking at Chucks prices of $5.00 pack its really not that expensive - $0.40/foot. Right at the moment since I have never rigged a ship before its kind of a "Dark Art" to me. Based on what came with the kit and what I have measured I think I am good to go, just wanted some input from the more experienced here. Looking at all the part names in the spreadsheet I kinda feel like my wife looking under the hood with the mechanic, or me looking in her broadcast truck at work.



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Well I placed an order with Chuck last night had a couple of questions that I PM got a fast response back including a note that would not get a chance to fill the order till Sat the 12th, earlier than what i expected. Got home from work to a PM that the order was completed toady!! Woo Hoo!

Thanks Chuck!!


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Thank you gentlemen!!!   :)


I will be be away next week at the NRG conference so I am afraid I probably wont be as responsive next week.  I really appreciate the support and business.  I am now experimenting with possible ways to make deadeyes as well.  It may fail miserably but what the heck.  I get all kinds of crazy ideas that pop into my head at night.  Drives my wife crazy.



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