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Miniature Spindle Sander

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Hey Group,

I want to pick up one of these - think it will come in handy when sanding the inside of frames - but am wondering if they are too powerful for this sort of use. Does one exist (maybe be another great tool for Jim Byrnes to develop) that would work for my purposes ?  I also want to use this to sand/shape my headrails on Confederacy.  


Would I be better off just picking up on Ebay one of the Dremel drill press attachments for my variable speed Dremel and clamping it to my work bench ?




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Hi Chris,

I've used a dremel in the dremel drill press for many a year and has worked well for small items.

My brother made a raised bed for me but it is not necessary.


It is an option for you until Jim Byrnes builds one.  ;) 




"So Long For Now" B) 


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I have the Shop Fox from Amozon.  Love it,  the only downer is it is very loud.  Also,  You'll need a shop vac for the dust.  The best thing is You can get free shipping from Amozon,  everybody else wants more than $40 to ship.


Bob W

Bob Wescott

South Jersey

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