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  1. Thank you PJG and all the likes Thanks Jim, The instructions have them gold so I stuck with that. I've also seen them the same color as the hull painting and black. I don't know what would be accurate on a real ship. Thanks Bob, The gold and white are rattle can spray paint. I'll have to get the brands when I get home but they are generic paints. The red and blue colors are brushed on. They are Admiralty Paint Red Ochre and French Blue.
  2. She's looking really good Glenn. I was just looking at the directions on page 54. In one of the pictures the gun ports look painted red. Just wanted to point that out incase you want to paint them first. As far as the guns go I'll try rigging them but will have to see how it looks.
  3. Thank you Chris, Glenn, Jim, Glenn again, B.E., Jean-Paul and Bob. Also all the likes! Everything is designed and fits so well that good results are almost guaranteed.
  4. Thanks Bob I've completed the the fancy PE on the bulwarks to the bow now. The figure head was primed and then painted gold. After it was dry I placed it on the stem. A little sanding was needed to get it to slide in place. Then I placed the remaining PE at the bow.
  5. Thanks Glenn, I'm trying to keep up with your fine work. Thanks Jim, The decoration is what attracted me to the DOK. Thanks DelF, This is some of the nicest PE. Thanks Glenn, I too was wondering and the cautious side of me had to use a dab of CA just in case but it seems to work just as advertised.
  6. I've started making the Duchess shine with some of her fancy window and port decorations. All were glued in place with a touch of CA glue. And here is the first of the photoetched decorations. Being the cautious type a tiny drop of CA was placed on the backside tacking them in place. Two coats of Future (Now Pledge Revive It) were applied and must say I'm happy with it so far.
  7. Hi Bob. Looks real nice. I too painted as seen in the instructions not the plans. It's your ship so whatever is your paint scheme it's right.
  8. Thank you Glenn and Matt. Much appreciated. Also all the likes too. Speaking of painting, PE is being painted. I used rattle can primer then gold and black matt spray paint.
  9. The horse shoe and fish plates are in place. I took the laser etched deck and placed it over my deck and marked off and drilled the holes where indicated. At the stem the three pieces laminated together left minor seams. I sanded these areas and applied a thinned down coat of wood filler. I sanded that down and painted it and affixed the bow "V" frames. I then started gluing on the upper and lower Cheek Rail, bow brackets and hawse bolsters. After installing the rails I noticed that the tip of the upper rail ends up above the par
  10. That's what I did with the Zulu, Lady Isabella. This kit is great and I don't foresee making many, if any more changes.
  11. Doris I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your loved one! I hope that every time you gaze at your splendid model it gives you some comfort and fond memories. My very best to you.
  12. Thanks Glenn. I did not soak it as I thought the resin wouldn't get warm enough. I instead clamped it to the stern and then warmed it with a hair dryer. There was a little spring back but not enough to effect the gluing. Thanks Bob. I purchased a very fine tipped paint brush just for the stern painting. Thank you Derek, I find the shorter pieces works better for me. The ends are flushed with a sanding stick and checked and adjusted as needed. For me the longer strips are the disadvantage. Thanks everyone for stopping by and all the likes
  13. Yes it does Glenn so there was a lot of touching up.I Hi Bob. Yes I painted the blue first then the gold, touched up the blue, touched up the gold, repeat!
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