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Belaying to knightheads and timberheads

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Hi folks, I've been working on laying the running rigging lines on my Badger, and have come to the point where I need to start finalizing the lines that belay to the knightheads and timberheads.  Is there any particular way in which lines were belayed to these items?  I've looked at my reference books and various build logs here, and it seems like there is a variety of ways to approach them (though most times it is very hard to see from the photos exactly how the builder approached them).


One approach I've been thinking about is to treat these lines similarly to belaying lines to pins, where the line is run around the timberhead or knighthead about two to three times, and then a separately prepared rope coil is added over the timberhead/knighthead.  The end result would be something similar to what my friend Aldo prepared on his Badger as can be seen here:







Other models I've seen appear to show the line wrapped around the timberhead and knighthead a few times, and then cut without any additional rope coil added.  I would think in some cases, the crew would have wanted an extra length of line to work with, hence the added rope coil.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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