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For the coppering I used self adhesive Copper foil from the Tiffany workshop.
It is nice to see the difference between the new material and the old copper paint. It was good to have the paint underneath, as to make minimal gaps not too visible :-)
I use masking tape to protekt the black paint from the glue, otherwise it will take out good chunks - just guess how I found out :-(
BTW: The glory for bringing this ingenious material to my attention belongs to a chap in a german forum, who presented this technik on a wooden Santissima Trinidad.
The copper is rather cheap icon_smile.gif Look in the internet for suppliers of Tiffany lamp builders, you need two rolls of 4 mm, self adhesive.
As in my case the tiles were already in the plastic mould, I was able to use the material in straight lines. Other ones cut the material into the actual tiles.
I omitted the clues in my scale, but I saw already great results on this material in imitating them by stamps or cogwheels.
Also if the surface is cleand from the protectiv what-so-ever, nice verdigris can be produced on it by a spray of saltwater, lemon air and time.
Greetings Daniel
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On 2/19/2013 at 9:12 AM, dafi said:
Some pictures from the finished job




















And to finish with the british pattern, the batten on the top edge. 


















Have fun, Daniel


Been wondering how to do the copper, was originally gonna do one side with the little green tiles supplied with my model (mamaoli 1:90 scale Victory), and the other just carry the outer planks all the way down to the keel, and same with the paint scheme, one side black/yellow, the other just waxed, to leave a lovely wooden finish.  But having just seen your pics I bought 2 rolls from a website here in the UK, Kansacraft.co.uk.  if I can get mine looking as good as yours mate I will be well chuffed.

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