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  1. I'm not in a rush mate, am busy decorating the hall/stairs and landing at the moment, stripping all the paint off the stairs to leave them with a waxed polish light oak finish and a carpet runner down the centre... more bloody wood!! my boat is a lifetime project, hopefully soon to be a retirement project!!
  2. Diablo, just been catching up with your build log, man am I in good company. You are doing a lovely job my friend, you and YT are keeping me going!! I am well into the house jobs and am looking forward to getting back on the boat, hopefully by the end of the year!!!, only been 13 years since I started, so no rush then!!!
  3. YT, dont know if you have happened across these guys and their build, been going 3 years now, am addicted to it. got so much admiration for them, check out some (or all) of their videos, makes me want to build a boat. oh, wait, I am..... https://www.facebook.com/acorntoarabella/ this is their youtube page, up to no.92 so far. At the very least watch the one where they pour the lead ballast keel, no.40 spider
  4. YT my friend, watching you build this boat is like watching Neil Peart play drums..... give me a drum kit and some sticks and I could make a noise, put Neil in front of the same kit and he makes sweet music....
  5. I'm gonna stick to the plans on one side, little green tiles and black/yellow paint scheme but on the other side I am just gonna run the planks down past the waterline to the keel, and give the timbers a waxed oiled finished to bring out the natural beauty of the wood, no black/yellow paint!!. best of both worlds..
  6. Cheers Bill, glad you like it. It isn't as crisp and neat at YT's build but rather has the aged patina of a battered old sailing ship, bit like me!!!
  7. Why thank you my friend. Kind words go a long way to bolster one's confidence.. Glad someone is enjoying my attempts at building a boat, you'd never guess it is my first go!!
  8. am laying her up in dry dock for a while till i finish a couple of outstanding jobs in the house, should be back aboard her by xmas...... here are some pics of progress so far: The curly bits might not be in exactly the right place, but what the hell, like i keep saying, i only bought the kit to tie the knots!!!!
  9. Yt, my pc froze on your page 11, i missed everything you have posted on page 12. Mate, I am using your build for inspiration rather than the mamoli plans!!!. I am taking a short dry dock holiday while i finish off the last 2 jobs in the house. I have managed to get in 50 hrs on the boat since I finished the extension but the admiral is getting at me for not finishing the rest of the house. I have managed to put the curly cast pieces on and the C channels. Just because we dont comment on every post you put on doesn't mean we aren't glued to your build like glue!!.. Keep up the excellent work my friend. Spider. here's my latest: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/18068-hms-victory-by-spider999-mamoli-190/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-641394
  10. Hi YT, you have gone a bit quiet, hope everything is ok and that this message finds you in good health. how's the build coming on?
  11. Progress so far, managed to keep both sides in line with each other, at the bow. it is starting to feel a bit like a model boat now. It doesn't have the clean crisp lines that YT has managed to achieve on his build, but rather the patina'd look of a battered old sailing ship!!!

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