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  1. YT, i bet there are a few sad people around Canada at the moment, with Neil Peart passing away suddenly on tuesday last week.
  2. YT, you make me want to build a boat....................... oh wait, I am supposed to be already... You are an inspiration. Seeing these pics has put my mind at ease over the stage I was least looking forward to. Thank you my friend, and seasons greetings to you and yours.
  3. YT, you're just showing off now, you're setting the bar too high, looking good my friend.... Who cares what colour it is either!!
  4. I tend to agree mate, see my pic above, defo a darker shade, but what the hell, with quality work like this i would accept sky blue pink!!
  5. Nice one YT, was gonna do something similar myself, don't they also bend sideways when viewed from above, if they are the bits I am thinking about? The curved sections on the front under the bowsprit? see pic below
  6. looking good my friend, nearly as good as my new stairs in the house!!!
  7. YT, you could make a few sets and sell them to those of us who are at the same stage, I'd buy a set from you my friend??!!
  8. You are doing a wonderful job my friend, even if you did get my national flag slightly wrong!!, only messing mate. If i can get mie to look anywhere near as good as your i will be a very happy bunny.
  9. Ah, YT, I'm gutted mate, thought you would be all over that like a rash
  10. gotta say YT, given your attention to detail on everything so far I am sorely disappointed at the poor attempt to paint the Union flag, above the right hand figure. You probably know it as the "Union Jack", it's only one of those when flown from a "Jack staff" on the bow of a Royal Navy ship. If you look at it in the diagram below: The broad white stripe should be on the Left in the lower Left quarter, and the Right in the upper Left quarter. Only messing with you mate, but not a bad effort..., below is how to, and not to fly her: correct way............ incorrect way!! Look at the lower Left quarter, the broad stripe is on the Right!!! The house job is coming on.. soon be back on my boat!! Kind regards spider
  11. I'm not in a rush mate, am busy decorating the hall/stairs and landing at the moment, stripping all the paint off the stairs to leave them with a waxed polish light oak finish and a carpet runner down the centre... more bloody wood!! my boat is a lifetime project, hopefully soon to be a retirement project!!
  12. Diablo, just been catching up with your build log, man am I in good company. You are doing a lovely job my friend, you and YT are keeping me going!! I am well into the house jobs and am looking forward to getting back on the boat, hopefully by the end of the year!!!, only been 13 years since I started, so no rush then!!!

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