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Painting Templates

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Here comes an interesting version on doing the aft nameplates by using plottcutted car adhesive foil from the car branding industry.


Prepared the size on the computer, and send it to the manufacturer, got it back ready to use and putted on place. The colour applied in thin dry layers ...




... and a couragous pull ...




... and it already looks great :-)




First toches of paint ont the frames, a set of eight boltrings ...




... and done :-)


Also great as a base for reoccurring paintings like the friezes on the ship´s sides instead of the etch parts often used.


Always try out first on a sample to find out how to apply the paint and to make sure the paint underneath can stand the pulling off of the template!


Good luck, Daniel ;-)

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This can be done in any local shop that does the car branding with foils or window letterings. It is rather cheap, as they can place it on the cut outs of other jobs.


There are two qualities:

For cars: Foil is very thin and goes easily around corners but sticks like hell

For inside: More sturdy, but more easy to take off


I always advise tests first on original wood and original paint. if the glue is too strong, try to dust it carfully with flower :-)


The shop also will tell you about the accepted formats, usually Illustrator.


Good luck, Daniel

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Thanks Daniel, I'll try this on my current build.




Current Build

US Brig Niagara

Completed Builds

George W Washburn - 1890 Tugboat

Future Builds

18th Century Longboat by MS

HM Cutter Cheerful

Wappen Von Hamburg by Corel


If your not making mistakes, your not challenging yourself – my life has been full of challenges :)

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