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CA Glue Applicator

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Hey there!


Just found these CA glue applicators. It's hard to get for me since being in Turkey. But may be useful for someone :)


Check the link below.




And with this note made me smile ; 


 Easy cleaning with Acetone or an open Flame, like a candle for instance.:-) Please dont do this at the same time, ok? Thank you. :-) "


Cheers, Bugra.

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For very small amounts of glue I simply use a small length of fine wire. The wire can be bent or shaped if I need to reach into tight quarters. If I need a bit more glue, I make a tiny loop at the end of the wire and apply the glue to it, then a quick touch right where I want it and it flows into the joint of the parts.


The diameter of the wire or size of the small loop determine how much glue is transferred.


- Joe

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Stick a sewing needle in the end of a piece of dowel (drill a pilot hole and CA glue it in place) and cut off the end of the needle eye.  You have a glue applicator.  I put some drops of glue on a piece of glass I keep nearby (it doesn't dry for some time) and pick up small amounts with the end of the applicator.  When the glue dries and builds up a bit, I scrape it clean with an old Xacto blade.


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