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I took the chance to make a documentation of doing my anchors, similar in other materials....


First printing the plan in the right size, taking double sided Scotch tape to fix some Evergreen in the right position, and flood the joints with CA ...




... took it out and glued the reverse too. As the arms grow thinner, I glued a thinner material on the tip as guide:




Then files carefully the whole area in between the shaft and the tip ...




... until the small step to the thinner tip disappeared. Then turned the anchor to do the other side, and as it was not lying flat any more I supported the hanging arm by some sheet. 




Here from a different perspective:

before ...




... and after.




Then for the bent of the arms I colored the surface with Edding ...




... and one can nicely see what is done and what still has to be done.




It helps to work on a thin Plexi, as one can use the sides as guide for the file.




Then comes the throat, the area in beween the shaft and the arms. At those days it was rather small, later versions of anchors accumulated much more material on this spot.




The filing itself is easy...




... just getting both sides equal is needs a careful approach.






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Colored the shaft and the arms for the chamfers ...
... drilled the hole for the ring and most was done.
Used my small template to cut the palms ...
...glued in place, cut ...
... cleaned up and done :-)

And here the family shot with all the needed tools that were needed for conception.
All the best, Daniel
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