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  1. Nice work on the anchors Eamonn the explanation of threading the hoops was really helpful...so if mine sinks at least my anchors should look good from a distance.. im looking forward to further updates, encourages me to keep at it ....😎 Tom
  2. nice work Eamonn, and great rapport...really nice workshop you have going on also, i like the print you posted along with some really tidy work on the Ballahoo.. Tom
  3. HI Eamonn, its one of those moments that you say to yourself, i should have read this build log first... 🙄 😕as i bought the Hms Jalouse last week..some how it looked smaller and easier on my laptop..as for research i could only find one completed build and that was in a display cabinet and from a distance..wikipedia has the same information as the instruction manual although they do have a bit more history ..great to hear your more or less set up to continue your builds as you have a few in the pipeline...i will have a look at the DavidM build of the Ballahoo.. cheers Tom
  4. HI Eamonn, i have really enjoyed your build log sofar and the banter you have had with so many of the members..its a fabulous build of the ballahoo that you are putting together.. i can't remember laughing so much for a long time..very neat and tidy work. still laughing from the one liners as i type...looking forward to your next update..for some reason im thinking of fish and chips tonight...great attitude you have going on.. i hope im as calm when i start my first wooden ship build..your work is certainly encouraging Tom
  5. As others have said this is a fabulous build and a pleasure to see this built and finished , rigged painted to a high standard, and i cant wait to see your next build, congratulations. Tom
  6. The trick is to have the place shipshape and bristol fashion before the Admirals inspection...been there many a time..im enjoying your build log thanks for sharing
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