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victory models (amati) mercury brig


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        I am nearly finished my LADY NELSON, and always planned on the HMS Pegasus as my next build but the Mercury has caught my eye, has anyone built or is building this kit any views or opinions would be much appreciated?  Would the mercury brig a better next step than the Pegasus?

                                                                           Rgds Steve

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Hi Steve,


Mercury looks a nice model, but I don't know much about it.


One consideration, apart from the fact that Pegasus is a very pretty ship is that if you are into enhancing a kit there is a wealth of information on Pegasus, from build logs, the David Antscherl books, and NMM plans.


Most kits have simplifications which could benefit from some modification and Pegasus is no exception, but at least the information is at hand to address those issues.


If you are looking to do a straight out of box build then perhaps it is not so important and you should follow your heart.


With Mercury you may be the first to  record a build on MSW I don't recall a log from the old forum.



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    Thanks B.E,

                             I always wanted to build pegasus , lady nelson was my first build and used the forum to great advantage i agree the build logs are great especially for newbies like me, i did'nt have the confidence to do my own log (to embarrased in case it was a disaster) but she has turned out o.k.


                                 The mercury looks superb but as you say no logs out theer for help and tips , maybe i should brush up my computer skills and take the plunge ,  so many great guys out there like yourself to help me along the way.


                                                                                                                                      rgds steve

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As others have said, you can't go wrong with either of these Victory Models/Amati builds. Other than substituting boxwood for the bulwarks, I built the Mercury out of the box; the plans are excellent, the instructions pretty good. The quality of all components (particularly the etched brass and laser-cut wood) is superb. I enjoyed building this model very much and it was my 4th kit.


I've attached some pictures of the finished ship to help you with your decision. A nice (MDF) baseboard is included


Press on!!








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HI Ron

             Many thanks for the pics , she looks superb. Well decision made i will go for the mercury (costs around the same as the pegasus) maybe a little easier on the rigging so maybe a better choice for a secound build. I will attempt a build log , maybe get one of the kids to give a lesson or two on uploading pics ect.

                                                                           Thanks again to all those who replied.

                                                                                                                                                 Rds Steve

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Your most welcome, hope my pics helped you to decide; it is a very nice looking model. You are correct in that the rigging is a little easier than a three-masted ship like the Pegasus. I've replied quite late to your reply and hope you're busy on the build! I have my Mercury in a glass case that also shows a nice Carronade replica (from Model Expo) and a color print of an old watercolor of the ship's captain, A. Kazarski.


This kit is one of the best. Amati's high-end is very, very good.




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