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  1. Hi Sticker, Unfortunately not. For some time now I had not made any progress with my main project neither. I am surprised that nobody started this build, since it one of the most interesting projects around. Cherrs
  2. I have found a video of a Santa Maria where we can see at 1:38 the way the rope was sew. Is this the correct way?
  3. Thank you guys! Can I ask how did you sew the bolt ropes to the sails?
  4. Can someone explain to me how the boltropes are glued to to sails? What glue is used, carpenter glue or super glue? Thank you in advance.
  5. Some new pictures about my work on the Santa Maria. Things are going well and I learn something new every time I spend time with it.
  6. Good to hear that Jeff! Maybe their newer kits are more consistent.
  7. Great info Guys! Thank you so much! So it seems that the Santisima Trinidad had indeed two different paintings : yellow and red. I will look closely the British National Museum`s website for captured Spanish ships. Also, the paintings of Carlos Parilla Penagos are beautiful...
  8. Good to know you are back in the game Rossi46! I am really looking forward to this
  9. Another picture of my progress. Although plenty of mistakes were made, I am truly happy with the results till now:
  10. Thank you montanes and bruce! I am glad that the original plans of those great ships survived
  11. Congratulations for your work! I am a big admirer of big Spanish ships and I would like to ask you if there are any surviving plans for the Montagnes/San Ildefonso/San Huan Nepomuceno or Santissima Trinidad from the period where they were built.
  12. Wow! Thank you so much Bruce! There seem to be some plans of the Santissima Trinidad also, however they seem new to me, not the originals
  13. I wonder if there are any accurate plans big Spanish ships from the XVIII-XIX centuries. My understanding is that the plans of the flagship Santissima Trinidad are lost and only paintings or drawings have survived. I still don`t know if the hull was red, yellow or brown as there are several versions... But what about the San Juan Nepomuceno, the San Ildefonso or the Montagnes? Do we have some accurate information about the plans and description of these ships?
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