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USS Columbus by threebs - 1//72 Scale 74 gun Columbus

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I am starting another plank on bulkhead project in conjuction with my Pennsylvania as something to do when I get bored or fustrated with the final rigging, ships boats and anchors on the Pennsylvania.  I reworked the bulkheads from their original configuration as the first looked like it would be too difficult to work on the cannon on each deck.  Also, a couple of pics of the controlled chaos I call my workshop!








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Actually, I have been getting my plans from a company called The Maryland Silver Co.  Way Quicker and easier than the SI.

I made a lot of cannon for my Pennsylvania, but, did not use anly of them on her except those you can see through the spar deck hatch.  With my Pennsylvania, I had such a hard time lining up the gun ports, and as it was my first build and I manually reduced the plans from1/48 to 1/72, the bulkheads were off quite a bit.  I am doing much better with the Columbus, and I am framing each gun port before planking the hull, as you can see in the photos, which I did not do on the Pennsylvania. On the Pennsylvania I did not have to worry about the lower decks except for what you could see thtough the spar deck's thatch, because I built her with the ports closed for the most part.  Now, on the Columbus, I will need at least partical decks to place the cannon on.  I know I could use dummy cannon here, but, I built the HMS Victory kit from mantua that way and to this day (some 25 years later), I still do not like the look.  I am not going to plank the lower gun decks, nor construct the entire deck, only a strip a strip of basswood 1/16" think and about 1-1/2 inches wide should be good don't you think?  www.marylandsilver.com/ is the website for plans.  I do not think there are any ship plans other than US.  Also, I had a local print shop reduce the Columbus's 1/48 to 1/72.  I wish I had thought it was possible on my Pennsylvania build!  Live and learn!







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I did not see the OHIO at the Maryland Silver company site, but, I did get a plan from the SI.  If and when you gt ready to build the OHIO, I would consider having them scaled to what you want, print a couple of copies, and send them to you at cost.  I think my Columbus was around 40 US Dollars.

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