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  1. Michael, The ordeal is behind you; nothing to do but heal! On the scale of things at our age, a minor inconvenience. Be well and enjoy the fall. Wefalck, I hope you accept their invitation to send in a picture of you with the book. Tom
  2. I've had considerable success with:www.plexiboxes4U.com. You have to build your own base. Tom
  3. Rod, The curved edge is the margin plank, and the deck planking is nibbed into it. And it's pretty obvious that you know your carpentry. Nice work; very elegant. Can't help you with the primer issue; I just deal in wood and brass. Tom
  4. Big improvement over the previous schedule. Right hand or left? And do you need some of us to come up there and help you recuperate? And even though you can't push a chisel, you can still chat us up. Tom
  5. Mark, I see there are, to date, 19 of us following you. Hope we're not making you nervous? Tom
  6. The presentation is up on the site. Fast work, and much appreciated! Tom
  7. Well, I'm checking out the tip from Johnny (Great Republic) that indicates how you do the marvelous things you do. In the meantime, I'm also intrigued with the two wooden boxes under the red bucket on the shelf. What's in there? Tom
  8. Kevin, I only wish I had the space for all the wonderful equipment that you have (guys and their tools, oh my!). I use my sherline milling machine for gratings. It's equipped with DRO. Also, while you are careful with the direction of the grain, I turn the end grain vertical which helps eliminate breakage. Tom
  9. Kevin, Have I seen 3 table saws in your shop? A Preac, a Proxxon, and a Byrnes? Tom
  10. Hi TBlack, living in Boise, Idaho. Love it here, but wish to live nearer to the coast. Love the maritime scene. Hope you are doing well. 

  11. Hi Nautical, What part of Idaho? Tom
  12. Druxey may be correct, but from where I sit it looks like Alan knows what he's doing. I can't imagine how you can see the complicated 3 dimensional figure in a block of wood. Tom
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