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  1. Chris! Just got my copy of Speedy. It seems like I ordered it yesterday, so I have this thought: We'll call you Speedy (maybe even Sir Speedy {we'll have to talk to the Queen about that}). Which means the ship is named after you! Anyway, thanks for the wonderful service. Tom
  2. This thing is going to be fantastic! BTW, Chris, I don't know what you are using for plans, but my source was devoid of pin rails at the base of the masts, so I had to add them to provide for proper flow of lines. What will you do? Tom
  3. I'm with Glenn on the subject of mouldings. Provide the strip and a drawing of the profile. Let it go and move on to the next issue! Tom
  4. Chris, Sphynx has molding (moulding?) strips along the hull which Alex has done nicely in his version which is at a larger scale. Are you able to provide such detail in the kit? Tom
  5. Coming late to this conversation, as usual, but I've been building a model of the Sphynx class frigates in 1:96 scale. I'm trying to keep the overall length of the model to a reasonable size. At 1:96 the overall length from jibboom to transom is a bout 2 feet. I started out at 1:64 and soon realized that there would be few places in a home that could accommodate the length. In any case, I find the hull lines much more pleasing than the Swan class for about the same bang for your buck. Tom
  6. I'm going to crash this party and suggest that the end of the line, after it goes thru the second half of the double block is wound around the lashing between the two blocks and made fast there. Tom
  7. I built this kit several years ago for a friend who had bought the kit; opened the box; and decided it was beyond his ability. It ends up being a nice product and a decent size for home display. And, Richard, from what I can see, so far, so good! Tom
  8. You have been busy. Sorry to have missed the journey between hull and now. I'm also wondering about the materials you use to get such crisp results in a small scale. Also, given those hull lines, does she roll a lot?
  9. Alex, Great to hear from you again! I'll buy your description. Some of the replies don't seem to recognize the 20 gun Sphynx class frigate. Aside from that, how is it going? I bought your plan and have a version of the class, albeit in 1:96 scale (half your size), so I can't do all the detail that you have done. We'd love to see how you are progressing. Tom
  10. I'm currently building a model of a Sphynx class frigate. This is a 20 gun ship, so it's a small frigate, but a frigate nevertheless. As an aid, I'm referring to David Antscherl's book, Rigging A Sixth Rate Sloop of 1767-1780. (volume IV). In terms of size, armament, rigging these ships are very similar, so why is one called a frigate and the other a sloop?
  11. Harold Underhill built a model of a BRIG, Leon, and described the construction in a 2 volume work entitled Plank-On-Frame Models first published in 1958. Your grandfather's work is identical except the foremast would need 5 yardarms to complete. Is it possible that he hadn't finished his work? Leon was a real ship, built in Norway in 1880 (the model is flying a Norwegian flag). Underhill doesn't give much history of the vessel, so I can't help you much there. Judging from the pictures you've supplied, I'd say your grandfather knew what he was doing! First rate work. Also, it looks like it's 2-
  12. It certainly has, and very well laid out, too. Just finished the standing rigging. Here's a progress photo:
  13. I don't know how critical your dimensions need to be, but check at www.onlinemetals.com
  14. Greg, I finally woke up and read the note on page 219 to see that my question was answered there. However, if all this communication here has alerted others to this magnificent volume, and something that should be owned by all, then we're ahead of the game! That you've laid out 3 construction methods POF, POB and lift and in such a way that makes it easy to follow regardless of the method chosen is a phenomenal effort on your part. We don't do knighthoods in this country, but maybe you'd consider a sainthood? Tom
  15. Great video on the railing. Not only good ideas, but also excellent camera work and editing. Hollywood next stop! And a fantastic shop! Lots of good stuff in there! But what's with the broken glass of water (gin, rum?). Can't somebody buy you a new one for your birthday? Tom
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