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  1. I've finished with the deck furniture with the exception of the dinghy that sits on the port side amidships which is where I will now turn my attention.
  2. This fitting for the boom was a bit of a challenge for me. It's hard to tell from the photo, but there are 8 pieces all soldered together.
  3. It depends on the wood used to fabricate the blocks. Basswood won't do. But any hardwood should be ok. Using a pin vise and a #78 drill should work all right. I'm guessing on the drill size, but #75-80 should do it for your needs at 1:64. Tom
  4. Thanks, Keith A. I can't help myself. If I'm going to work on something it has to be as good as I can give. BTW, you have been my mentor in many ways over the years. If my efforts pass your inspection, I'm good to go! Tom PS. See this guy, my grandson, next to me? He just had his 11th birthday today 4/19. I need to change my photo.
  5. Keith, No, just that he bought it in Kennebunkport years ago. And just to be clear, yes, I’m making this boat better than it deserves. In return I get to try out techniques without worrying that it will harm Uncle Jon’s enjoyment. For example, I’ve cut two gears, using my rotary table for the first time, and cut two bushings for the anchor winch moderately successfully. And, you haven’t seen it yet, there is a bracket to hold the boom to the mast which is in 7 parts all needing soldering. So, I’m gaining confidence that one day I will be at your level of accomplishment. Tom
  6. When I started this project I thought the hull was sacrosanct (don't alter!). Now I'm sorry I didn't take a scalpel to it. Nevertheless, I'm working around its imperfections. Today I decided it needed a cap rail, so installed one. I think it makes the boat more "finished". Tom
  7. Hi Kev, I, too, use the titebond, but the yellow stuff. It's more water resistant. I find that 20 minutes is a good wait time. And while you're waiting, can't you be preparing the second plank or work on some other part of the model? Tom
  8. Thanks, Keith. Now to figure out how to glue it all together! And perhaps add a pawl. Tom
  9. OK, now attempting to produce an anchor bitt and seat for the bowsprit. Here's where I am so far: Nothing is glued; just placed to get the relationship and make sure stuff is lined up.
  10. I, too, have a 10" Rockwell Delta saw (for 50 years!) and have not worried about kerf loss, but I've never spent $100 on a 2' piece of wood. I'm learning a lot about saw blades and Thin Rip guides. Tom
  11. Don, What's the diameter of the rod? And the scale? I'm assuming you have a lathe, and that you've incorporated the various rings, etc. in the profile? Tom
  12. Keith, For you. Everything just placed for photo. I added the skylight; not on the plans, but too dark below w/o. May have to move it slightly to starboard to allow for dinghy on port side.
  13. Next comes the building of the stovepipe. Supposed to look like this: First step: buy a brass screw: Second step, cut down the top: Third step, cut off the threads: Fourth step, drill out the center: F Fifth step, create vents: sixth step, make a pattern for the top seventh step, fold and solder: eighth step, attach to pipe: Finally, paint flat black, and install.
  14. Sounds interesting. Thanks, Kurt, for getting us included. Tom
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