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Only a tiny gluing surface for holding the top rail

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Help!  I need help gluing this 2mm wide by 5mm high toprail to a 3.5mm wide gunwale. I can't imaging this arrangement holding together while I rig this model. It will run 3/4 around the whole ship.

Any and all ideas welcome.



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Also suggest a two part epoxy glue in combination with the above. Horrible stuff to work with but near on unbreakable. Epiglass Epiglue the very best of these two part glues. I hate it but when you use it right the wood will fail long before the glue does.




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Great answers.


I have used both wooden dowels and brass rods with similar results. I definitely suggest you use epoxy as the adhesive, CA did not hold well when the joints were stressed. You can drill into the top rail from the bottom up, not breaking through the upper surface, and be left with a blind joint, no visible hole.


You will also face this issue when attaching any pin rails in that you will probably want to reinforce them for the same reasons. 

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