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I am on my very first build and I am doing plank on bulkhead model of the Black Prince. On the bulkheads, there are high protruding posts that come through the deck as seen here:




I've been looking at some other images to get a sense of the interior layer of wale planking, and they dont seem to show these posts.


My question, as best I can formulate it:

  • should I have cut these out prior to planking the deck?
  • should I lay the planks between the posts?
  • should I lay the planks along the inside of these posts as I frame--the way the exterior planks lay against the bulkheads?

Or do you all have some other suggestions?

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Just curious what the plans show or the instructions say?  Any pictures that show the finished build?   Some builds have you remove them, others have you lay in more planks to simulate the frames.  If they stay and you add more, do plank between them.

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I think you should probably have removed the frame tops somewhat earlier, and before you were at this stage.


However, all may not be lost, as you still might be able to do so. If you are thinking of removing them, I would suggest you don't add any more deck planking – and you might even consider removing some of the outer planks, for easier access. With care and a steady hand, you might be able to get a Dremel in there with a cutting wheel attachment – but as I said be very careful! I wouldn't want you to cut anything else! Tidy up the stumps with sandpaper. I think I would lay the model first on one side, then the other, with support.


If you think it's safer to leave them, then plank between them as Mark suggests.


Btw, the model frames are usually no indication of those on the original vessel – where there are normally considerably more.

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I agree with the previous comments.One thought for the next time - before planking the upper part of the hull I cut the posts about 1/4 of the way through at deck level so they are fairly easily removed with a pair of needle nose pliers.then you can smooth the inside of the bulwarks with a very small chisel & sandpaper.

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