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HMS Victory 1805 by PrimoDude - Caldercraft - 1/72 scale

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:piratebo5: Many thanks to Bindy for the steerage through new channels.. She is great harbor lady...:-)

My ship kit has arrived in port "Woodchipper" as of April 29th, 2014. What a amazing 30 odd pounds of parts.  Scary.

But let the fun begin my first large ship construction.


I am satisfying a 20 or more year craving to build one of these, since seeing a display of ships of 6 to 8 foot in length in the early years of Disney World in Florida.  Magnificent in their stature, and built by a Floridian, name now not remembered.  And for sale.. 

A later trip showed none left.


Thanks Bindy... and the rest of you that have welcomed this land lubber from the Iowa corn state.



I hope mine is close to the picture below.. less sails.


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Hello all... Once I get the upload photo procedure routine, I will have some photos of my progress.

So far, slow but doing a lot of reading and data lookups. (other forums as well).

The build routine for this kit is mainly cut and paste. Some sanding and a few parts not fitting.

Adjustments for those are easy fixes.

Take it easy on me, this is my first major build of a fine ship. I have to admire this kit and workmanship

that went into the manufacturing.

I am about the start the first planking. Suggestions are appreciated.


or Woody

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Hello woody

And here we go with another Victory. I wish you the best of luck with your build, and will follow your log with interest . And my suggestion to you is the same as others will suggest..... Take your time.... Have you got a place to display it ? your display case needs to be approx 60"L x 42"H x 24"W regards DAVID

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Hello Woody,


If you have any questions regarding your build, just ask away.

You'll find plenty of help and advise from everyone.


As David said, take your time. Be patient and enjoy the modeling.


Good luck with your build.



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Aye mate, that display case has me a bit worried. But I think I have a spot for it.. My wife may not agree.

:-) A year or so down the road.. I am admiring a few of the great builds in progress of this ship.

Weather alerts tonight.. tornado prospects. Batten down the hatches..


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And Hello Anja... I overlooked you for a bit.. Excuse my senility. Just a update here. And perhaps a

question. Whats the proper positioning for the side gun ports. Prior to the planking. Maybe there are some

suggestions other than the manual.

I am close, but wish to be on the dot.

I painted the gunport backfgrounds today, and soon to post photos.. to catch up.

Its pretty much routine in the frame setups.. and been done here before.

Its a classy ship to build.. I am getting rather fond of her already.. :-)

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catching up just a tad bit. Been a bit of a puzzle getting the gunport patterns lined up on the bulkheads to suit me.

Did some jigging with rubber bands and was able to adjust to a reasonable fit. Started the glue up of the gunport patterns to the bulkheads this eveing. One bulkhead at a time.. slowly.

I want the patterns to fit the curvatures of the bulkheads as much as I can. Thanks to Dave, for a few tips.

Going much by the book 1, as provided to this novice.. :-)

Pictures when I can. So far, its been posted in builds of the Caldercraft "professionals" here before.


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Ship wrecked... ran into foul weather...ran aground.. Limping back to port.

Well, the story here is that my first glue job, went afoul. Part 270, even after many hours of search on the build forums here, I still messed up.

But, I learned a new (possibly) repair technique. How to remove all the contact points on the sides of the

17 bulkheads and still keep viable parts. Hmmmmmm. I rested my ship for 3 days after my new shipmate and

Friend Dave (Shipyard Sid)shouted with dismay, followed by a photo and drawing of the way is should be.

Many thanks for that one DAVE.... now the struggle begins...

There is a product, yet to arrive, called cable or string saw. I order two of those, but I already have one side removed.

I found that a single edge razor, pressed in from the top, then the bottom and progressed with a flat edged

small size screwdriver did the trick.. Care needs to be used..as those single edge razor blades are sharp.

Machine gun rapid taps on the blade induced it to move through the set up glue. But watch it as you may

start into timber. If so.. restart. I went from both top side and underside of the glued area's.

Took me about 2 hours to remove one side of the part 270.

Now on to the other side.

Then finish work to remove old glue, and splinters. A product called wood filler (brand later) or powdered

wood fill, mixed with water will be used to repair holes...and there are a few.

So.. bail for me..


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Hi Woody,


Probably too late for this particular "oopsie", but for the next one (and there WILL be a next one :D ) buy yourself a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol from your friendly local drugstore. It's commonly known as Rubbing Alcohol. This stuff softens PVA - in fact it turns it into a gluggy mess which takes a bit of removing, but you can easily remove any pieces without damage.


BTW - I'm into my third bottle :D .


:cheers:  Danny

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Many thanks Dan.. I found not many areas that needed any work and very little at that so I abstained from anything

anything. simply reset and re glued the problem site.

All three gun port's (270, 271, and 272) are on the bulkheads and planking has begun. I am using nails and glue for the

initial planking start planks. Just for grins.

It seems to work much faster.

Oh.. I use a very tiny predrill prior to the nailing. Dry hole, then glue, then nail applied.

Hope that is o.k. 3 more planks in the bender rig as I type.

High fives and regards.


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