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HMB Endeavour 1768 3D Model

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Ahoy shipwrights!


I'm new here and I'm also a newbie in ship modelling.

I'm recreating James Cook's first vessel with which he sailed to Australia.The HM Bark Endeavour is my first

ever ship model. I started working on her in December 2012. I'm using the book "Anatomy of the Ship:

Captain Cook's Endeavour" as reference.




I want to recreate her as historical correct as possible and not like the todays replica, which has no bumpkins, a bigger

stern and other inaccuracies. But I really like the colour scheme of the replica, so I stay on that.


I'm working in Autodesk Maya and Autodesk Mudbox.


So here's a little summary of the last one and a half years:



I had to make the hull a few times, the actual one is number five. The previous hulls weren't accurate enough. For the final

one drew curves following EVERY plank.



Same goes for the stern. I made it 4 times in total. I've redone my first ones just to see that I made some errors and that

the windows didn't allign with the stern timbers/long counter timbers. So I had to overhaul it again. I made the deadlights as

well but they aren't adjusted to the final stern yet.



I finished the the 4pdr cannons an their carriages. The gunemblem of George III isn't finished yet. I've a WIP version but I'll

redo it in Mudbox later.



I finished the figurine on her stern. It was done in Maya and Mudbox but it seems I have to overhaul her because the

tentacles are a lot to fragile for a stern decorations. In stormy seas they would probably brea, as they are right now.


So here we go with all the images:


Bow view:




Stern view:




Quarterdeck, waist and forecastle beams:








4pdr cannon:




Rudder animation:






And now the latest progress:


I finished the skylight and the companion capping.






Parts still missing on the quarter deck:



Flag locker

Ensign staff

(swivel guns)


So I hope you like it! Please criticize everything which isn't correct, may it be paint, rigging,

parts or anything else. I'm not as deep into this topic as others are. It's my first ship model ;)

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hi - a name would be nice :)


I am modelling Endeavour so I find you project fascinating.  You have done a great job with her so far, especially with some of the textures and finishes.  Looks great!


One point you may wish to research a little more is the colour of her bottom.  From the research I have conducted, I believe she had "brown stuff" and not the white lead payed bottom - just for consideration





If at first you do not suceed, try, and then try again!
Current build: HMCSS Victoria (Scratch)

Next build: HMAS Vampire (3D printed resin, scratch 1:350)

Built:          Battle Station (Scratch) and HM Bark Endeavour 1768 (kit 1:64)

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I don't really know how many hours I spent. I started in December 2012 and worked on her rugularly a 1 to 2 hours a day, a bit more on the weekends, thought, until the 11th march. Then I went into military service for nine months. So I nearly had no time to work on the beauty for this period, about 1 or 2 hours on the weekends. I came back on 22nd of November.

But I had to work on my portfolio for university untill March and only the figurine was a part of it.

So I'm regularly working on her since the beginning of March 2014, but now I'm working a few hours a day on her :)

All the reworks of the hull, stern, decks, channels and so on has been done since March. So, yeah, might be a few 100 hours... ;)



Oops sorry I missed that part.

So, I'll start again:


My name is Oliver, 20 years old, from Zurich in Switzerland.


Anything more that you want to know? Feel free to ask ;)


To your critique:

I'm modelling the HM Bark Endeavour as she was in 1768 but I chose the colorscheme of the replica. I think the color of the original ship was a bit dreary. Only these brownish orange colors and the blue on the uppermost planks. So I decided I wont follow this colorscheme and I chose the one from the replica which looks way more friendly.


The textures are mostly from bava (Stephan) and Roman Domel (I don't think that he has an account here). I only adjusted the colors, contrast and saturation a bit.




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Thanks Oliver, thanks for the feedback.  It is nice to look at you 3D model as it gives some interesting perspectives as to what it might have been on deck.  this is sometimes more realistic in a 3D drawing rather than a model as it is more "subsmersive" and makes you much the same scale.





If at first you do not suceed, try, and then try again!
Current build: HMCSS Victoria (Scratch)

Next build: HMAS Vampire (3D printed resin, scratch 1:350)

Built:          Battle Station (Scratch) and HM Bark Endeavour 1768 (kit 1:64)

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Hi ODemoth,


how did you go with the model in the end? 


We are pitching the idea of building a replica of the Endeavour as part of an event to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Cook and Banks discovery of Australia in 1770 (the event therefore being in 2020) to the NSW state government.


We are trying to accurately represent the ship as it would appear on a site in Sydney and it would clearly save time if we could utilise your 3D model.


The project is a not for profit initative and seeks to get the school kids of Australia involved in sponsoring the building of the replica for a few dollars for which they get  to be part of this unique project and get their name embossed on a plaque in the ships hull.


It would be great to get your input / support on this and we'd of course acknowledge you as the creator of the model in the presentations.


We already have the full blueprints of the ship itself and a seasoned boat builder who was involved in creating the relica that sails around the world, so it's more saving in time to do the presentations / sell the idea to government in the first place that the model would be most helpful


what do you think?

kind regards, Steven 

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