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painting the "Undersides"

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I have just reached the stage where I need to paint the undersides of my Jotika model of the HMS Supply. In the instructions it states the colour should be "Off White"? Do I add a little black to the white paint? Also were ships of this era really painted white below the water line, or just models to look nice?! Any help/comments appreciated. Geoff

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Hi Geoff


As I understand it, ships, prior to copper sheathing were not 'painted' as such, they were coated in various mixtures of tar, oil, resin, tallow and pitch to try and prevent the growth of barnacles and weed on the hull as well as trying to impede the attack of toredo worms.


I'm not near my references at the moment but from memory the yellow tinged white was tallow with some sulphur added, a common mixture in the mid/late 18th century Royal Navy before they switched to copper.


Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me could pipe in here.


Mark D

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