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7) Packaging & Labeling  

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  1. 1. Is it important to you that all of the items on your order are individually packaged and labeled?

    • Yes, it saves me time and mistakes by picking up the wrong dimension
    • No, I really don't care
  2. 2. On framing packages, the "Full Scale" thickness of each size is also listed. Is this helpful?

    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. When milling your order, I always include extra materials if I have any left over. Do you expect and count on these?

    • No, but they are nice to have
    • No, don't really care
    • Yes, I count on having extras

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All of my orders are individually packaged...is this a help?


Each item on an order is in an individual plastic sleeve including a label that has the wood species, size, and quantity.  There are pictures of my wood shipments / packaging on a number of the build logs on MSW or on my website.  I've always done this and wanted to get some feedback on the effort.  Thanks!

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I voted yes on individual packing.  I took this to mean that all of a specific size were packaged together, I.e., all 1/16" by 1/8" would be in one package and separate from other sizes.



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I would assume that many of us would not have the ability to recognise/identify specific wood species etc unless they are vastly different in colour etc.  For me at least. individual packaging by wood type/species etc is very helpful; by size is not that important to me unless separation into several packages saves on costs (unlikely :))





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