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Rope making machines

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I am at the point where I would like to stat making my own ropes. I have been searching for suitable plans of a "machine" but to date I have not found one that I like. A lot of those on the internet seem to be for general purpose large rope and not what would be used on a model ship.

I prefer to make my own tools rather than buy something off the shelf, so I am hoping someone can help me out by pointing me to where I can get some plans, either free download or purchase.










Current Build:    Chinese Bird Boat - Scratch - 1:25

Last Builds:        Viking Knaar - Dusek - 1:35

                           Santisima Trinidad Section - OcCre - 1:90

                           Llaut - Corel - 1:25

                           African Queen - Scratch - 1:36

Next Build:         Chinese Junk - Scratch


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You will find several in the Articles and Downloads sections of this site.


Here's a link to the relevant page:



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