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For making Sails

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Most of the models I've seen on this site are of scales so small that the finest stitching looks like 1" rope forced through heavy burlap a foot apart.  I draw my seams, fabric glue tabling, reinforcements, etc, and the only sewing I do is the bolt-rope - which can only be done by hand - because a machine sewn zig-zag stitch LOOKS like a machine sewn zig-zag stitch.


post-961-0-98621000-1404686714_thumb.jpg real boat

post-961-0-45948700-1404686714_thumb.jpg model boat

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Since we are on the subject of sewing verses drawing tabling lines and other sail construction details I will second the OPINION that actual sewn seams are too out of scale and that the thinnest thread would be something as thick as your arm at nearly every scale, with stitches two feet long. On the other hand, if you stick with this argument then you would also have to concede that any woven fabric you could name is ALSO too out of scale for any practical model use. I want to have my cake and eat it too though, I'm AGAINST sewing but I am FOR woven fabric. I have used plenty of paper for sails though over the years. Also I don't see any need to sew on a bolt rope since its very easy to glue boltrope in place and the stitching 9 by hand or by machine) puckers the fabric and changes the look of that whole part of the sail.

Recently, at a high end stationary store, I found a white ink ball point pen that writes wonderful opaque clear lines that do not bleed when I write on the woven fabric I have slated for use on my Heller 1/100 H.M.S. Victory. In the past I used white Prismicolor colored pencils to rule on the tabling lines but found that it was tough to get consistent lines on the fabric since the soft 'lead" of the pencils would not take and keep a good sharp point to make thin enough lines that were more than a couple of  inches long before the point would snap or simply wear down to a broad nub. I have high expectations for the white ink pen and I promise to show some photos when I make my sails.

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