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    Flying and Gliding, leading National Trust guided walks ,ham and old radios, restoring classic cars and VW camper vans and I just love history in what ever form it takes :)

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  1. My dog has a lovely big basket and cushion but always sleeps 4 legs in the air in the door way---weird!!
  2. tried some rolled long ways and folded? which looks best--tempted to do long ways-- not so many to make lol
  3. Thanks for the pictures, very interesting how they seem so large laid out on deck like that. I worked out roughly how big a real one would be--rolled it up and tied it around--- looks OK,,I am sure someone knows better
  4. Hi I am just fitting the hammock netting to my HMS Vanguard build… I want to add the hammocks.. are they stacked vertically in the small nets? What about the large double nets that run parallel to the boats? I couldn't find a build that had done it--- so couldn't steal-- I mean be inspired by someone elses work
  5. It reminds me of my favourite picture I have on the wall at home-- sorry for the poor quality photo but gives you the idea
  6. My favourite picture so far -- still enjoying all your output
  7. good PDF, I am most of my way through HMS Vanguard and intend having a full set of furled sails on her so will definitely refer to this
  8. Same for me, it was years before I got a small lathe.. works a treat
  9. What super build, the cargo and the rope work just makes it outstanding-- well done
  10. Hi Its coming along great. I am considering doing this kit next with added electrics (I have not yet added any to any of my previous builds) so definitely coming along for the ride
  11. Note to self---- Stop reading this super thread and getting more bitter and twisted by the day working on a small table in my dinning room..LOL
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