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    Flying and Gliding, leading National Trust guided walks ,ham and old radios, restoring classic cars and VW camper vans and I just love history in what ever form it takes :)

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  1. I can only add to the messages of praise. It is superb I would be paranoid that over the years it would absorb damp or moistier and the edges start to curl or it wilt....
  2. Thank you for all your likes. :)
  3. Not sure if this counts as a kit review or a build log, I have just came back from holiday where I picked up this small kit. It being only £2.99 and claiming to only need a sharp knife and small pair of pliers to assemble. I had 2 wonderful hours putting this kit together. I have no idea of the maker so I will need to do some on line research to see what else they offer.. So enjoy the quickest build log on the site LOL..
  4. Well our HMS Queen Elizabeth has a Ford Galaxy people carrier that travels around with her Oh yes and the captain got sacked for using to take the kids to school--- very harsh.,
  5. Just joined the party What a super craft , I would so love to own that. Looking forward to following your build Nils Ian
  6. FINISHED!!!!! 😁😁😁OK so no flag but not sure if I will fit one..... so a super enjoyable build-- so a thank you and a well-done Chuck
  7. This build is getting silly now---- it just keeps getting stupidly better and more detailed than i thought possible...🥴🥴
  8. I marked up the deck using the provided 'jelly moulds' and as I want to add some more detail I marked and cut out where the cab goes so I can show it with the door open and the bench seats in place.
  9. Well I did not get hardly anytime at the weekend but here is what I did achieve- The cab on the kit is larger and curved where as the cab on the '199' is simpler and smaller The picture above clearly shows a curved wooden roof--- so as per the propeller experience-- this is what you get -- a blob of white plastic LOl
  10. If I generated that amount of saw dust my wife would kill me long before Cancer could!!! When the sun shines through the window it is frightening how much is just hanging in the air.. best draw the curtains and put the light on... that cures it..🥴 Joking aside, when I do any major sanding I do wear a mask...
  11. Marking out the deck ready for planking I placed the supplied plastic grating just for positioning-- boy is it evil and the work of the devil himself-- straight in the bin !!!
  12. thank you both for your kinds words. Today I was 'working form home' so managed to do some more on the hull. At the moment it looks more an RNLI old life boat than a gun boat LOl I will tackle the deck planking next. I am tempted to leave the rudder and prop till late as I am bound to damage them handling the hull during the rest of the build.
  13. Whilst on the subject of spot the changes-- I built the hull with the rub strip/weather board raised piece as per the instructions then I noticed this- Built as per plans As per the box picture As per Steam Pinnace 199--- so something else to re-work

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