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    Flying and Gliding, leading National Trust guided walks ,ham and old radios, restoring classic cars and VW camper vans and I just love history in what ever form it takes :)

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  1. Scratch built a whistle and sign and added some more deck bits and pieces. The Funnel is still not finished and the pipe on the front is not parallel and I need to add some copper decorative bands around it before I glue it in place.
  2. Its amazing how a bit of bling can really make it look like your making progress
  3. If only I was retired and had the time-- I would build the lot!!
  4. Thank you Now I have replaced the plastic blob with a wooden blob I need to add texture to show it is steel. Simulating some rivet joints. The actual boat does not show many joints. Dry fitted the hatch covers and some nice new brass portholes.
  5. Does the Titanic model float and then on radio demand sink at the front?
  6. Thanks , there is a whole world of 'weird' sailing ships we haven't exploited yet ...They both would look great as a display LOl...
  7. Whilst staying in a hotel I noticed this old print for a barge for building a harbour. If I had the time I would build this as it would make a super novelty model. Sorry for the quality it was in the middle of a very busy restraint and my wife wasn't best pleased i was doing this LOL
  8. Well I am making progress, the plastic lump is now a shaped piece of wood just needs shaping to the deck, the cabin is almost done needs the sign on the top, and the funnel is now all metal curtsey of some cut of plumbing copper pipe.
  9. great book-- just looked and there are reprints on Ebay for £19, wouldn't,t mind one for Christmas..🎅🎅 oooooooooooooopps talking about Christmas already!!!!!!
  10. Hi Sorry if a function is available and being a Luddite I cant see it. I see some great individual posts with a tip /technique etc not necessary for the model I'm building but useful none the less. Currently to help find it I 'follow' the topic,now years down the road I have loads of followed topics and still cant find what I am looking for. Chuck did a post about how to cut wood for example. I now have no idea even which topic he covered it under. It would be so useful if we could book mark individual posts can keep and refer back too. just a thought
  11. The rudder controls on this boat are quite interesting and need replicating. The ships wheel will be in front of the cabin with pullies and cable running down the outside of the deck and under the rear grating to the rudder. I needed to make two pullies with a groove. And here's how I achieved it..good enough for this scale The picture was taken before I tidied up the cab area...
  12. Well between holidays and work I manged to achieve some more on the model. I now have a cabin area and what I am sure is a legal obligation for models of a steam boat--- a real brass propeller (it looks off centre in the pic but its not )LOL Next to complete the cabin with sides, window and roof.
  13. I can only add to the messages of praise. It is superb I would be paranoid that over the years it would absorb damp or moistier and the edges start to curl or it wilt....
  14. Thank you for all your likes. :)

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