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mamoli or aresania latina - moved by moderator

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To me they are about the same either way both have there problems.  With Artesia Latina, the material is not that great and with Mamoli the plans are not the most accurate.  Both, however can be made into good models.

David B

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Hi Michael--the first kit I built was AL and the second was Mamoli and based on that experience I very much prefer Mamoli kits.  I did the Roter Lowe and it was challenging but a real pleasure to build.  Like GaryM says, it would be a good idea to check to see that the hull is double planked.  The Mamoli Roter Lowe was double planked but they may have changed that since I built mine a long time ago.  I don't think it's a good idea to try a single planked hull for your first kit because in my opinion, hull planking is the most challenging part and you can make your mistakes with the first layer and correct them in the second. 


Also as Aussie suggests, you might check on line.  If you can import a kit you might get a much better deal and more variety so the Model Expo site is good to check.  However they are based in the US and overseas shipping costs are huge.  But check the pricing because sometimes the prices of kits in hobby shops are grossly inflated. Good luck!

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I like boats with double planking. Mamoli are single. When they say theirs is double planked, the count the wales as their second planking. I have found their wood is varied and not the best. The instructions AL show the parts and what they look like when mounted properly for each step. Until you have built several models, this is a great help. Mamoli plans have everything you need to build it but you have to really look and search for how the different parts must go together and interpret what they are trying to show. This makes all their kits hard to build if you have not built several others.

I can't speak regarding any Mamoli kit other than the USS Constitution, but it was fully double hulled. 

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well my current build mamoli golden hind is definitely double planked. BUT, and its a big but, i found the timber

was very brittle and probably more important way less than required to complete the hull. luckily with golden hind the

lower (below the waterline) part of the hull is painted white ( on the box at least) so i could use on hand stock

from left over other builds. i estimate i was 8 - 10 second layer planking short. then hand rail strips non existent. 

seriously if this ship wasn't one of my favs i'd put it on the back burner and kick off my corel victory. in short - i

have had a bad experience with mamoli - albeit i've only got 1 of their kits. but given the price these things cost for 

me its going to be a case of once bitten twice shy. really hope you have better luck than me with this brand if you go down that track.


cheers chris

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