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Hi everyone... I'm new to this site and new to ship building..  Here's my prob... I've done 2 basic US model kits with great detail for instructions...My latest venture is a kit by Mamoli an Italian company with all metric instructions... Unfortunately the plans have not parts list and difficult to understand numbers on the plans.. Oh... the kit is Black Prince the older kit not the new one. Can anyone pass along some helpful tips to understanding the plans????

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should be no problem with the metric. Just stay in metric for all your measurements. Also remember that the European method is to use a comma for the decimal point.Geoff  has given you a translation page. Think of it a a way to learn something new. :)   Bill

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The Mamoli kits rely heavily on studying the plans. I'm finding the instructions don't really help much. One technique they use, at least on my kit, is that the part numbers correspond to the assembly sequence. 


Hope this helps!



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The good old USA $ is METRIC so $11.66 is 1thousand 1 hundred sixty six pennies 1/2 of that is $ 583 pennies. Now what is 1/2 of 5 7/32 inch's ? 

The metric system is French and been English it chocked in my throat to say it BUT it is much better than the imperial system That been said this site is manly all about old ships built in many cases in the trading way using the imperial unit I am currently struggling with my current build as it is in imperial.

And I still enjoy my "Imperial pint" all 22 oz of IPA


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The absence of a parts list worried me at first too but if you go through the plans and have a look at all the materials in the kit it will give you a good overview idea of what's what and how the build is supposed to come together.  I haven't done a Mamoli kit for a while but recall that they also will use Italian abbreviations to describe the materials and sometimes refer to the different kinds of timber with abbreviations.  Usually you can logic it  out by physically matching the materials to the plans.  Good luck.  I'll see if I can find some notes I made when I did the Mamoli Roter Lowe and post them here.




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