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San Francisco 2 by Garward - FINISHED - Artesania Latina

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Model very popular among modellers. In Russia and Ukraine this kit was on sale in two options: "San Francisco II" and "San Francisco II +". In the last option according to the arrangement between AL and the Russian firm Melanija the boat and mast top were wooden type-setting, cut out by the laser from plywood. Here I provide the description of construction of a kit "San Francisco II +" with small alterations: props of gallery, helmstock, metal details of masts and rods of anchors are replaced with the wooden; gun trunks are blackened; sails from a set are replaced.

In a nose balsa inserts are established.

The caulking  of a deck flooring is executed by means of threads.





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Fair planking - Sapelly interline interval, the hull is covered with karnauben wax and a colourless semi-glossy varnish of Tikkurila (Unik the Super uretan-alkid varnish with a sheeting from UF-radiation).

Details of the hull and deck details are established.





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Good day Garward,


I am doing the same model but just began. I like the wooden mast tops versus the ones in my kit of metal. I might try to make my own when I get there.

How long have you been working on this model? She is beautiful.




Hi, Randy, thanks for the comment! I built this model about 9 months.

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Wow, very nice...thank you so much for posting. I hope mine turns out half as good as yours did and I will be very happy!


Thanks for the comment! I think that at you to turn out the excellent model, it is necessary only strongly to aspire to it!  :)

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