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Awesome 1:72-scale HMS Alert build!


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Running the risk of filling up this forum with topics about the Shipyard HMS Alert kits, I had to share this. This guys build is just incredible. Shows what you can do with the Shipyard "Laser Cardboard Kit". I just ran across this yesterday and I initially posted it my own own topic about the smaller scale Shipyard kit. I was afraid it would just get buried in there, so moved it to this new post.


These are links to the 1:72-scale kit that Janet B is building and I know others are building or interested in building – Ages of Sail just sold another one of these kits just a few days ago, so it got my attention. I see a reference in the build logs to the builder living, or had lived, very close to my location. I'm temped to seek him out, though this stuff was done about 6 or 7 years ago:


On a German Site: 1/72 Alert Awesome build log


On Flickr: 1/72 Alert Awesome build pics


I'm tempted to toss out what I've done so far and to just buy this kit. Nice 5-hole deadeye on that mainstay. Anyone know if that's in the kit or if the builder made it? Nice touch with the served lines and mouse's (mice?) too. I only wish he hadn't put it under full sail on the launch ways... Still, a beautiful job on the model.



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Clare Hess

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A model shipwright a kit does not make~


This is nice kit and the build logs are awesome but no matter how well the pieces are cut or how nice the kit looks in photos, until they make there way into the hands of the shipwright that's all they are is cut pieces.


You mentioned throwing out what you've started, did you begin a HMS Alert build log? I didn't see a link.

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Well said Don!



I haven't started a build log because I was just experimenting with one of the smaller Shipyard kits. I wanted to find out what it was like to work in paper and I had no ties to finishing it, so I didn't want people to be following something I wasn't necessarily going to complete. 


However, it's actually turning out to be so much fun and such a nice build that I'm now thinking I may continue with it and turn it into a build. I will decide soon and I would say the 1:96-scale kit can be just about as nice as the 1:72-scale kit. You just have to do a lot more gluing and cutting. And, of course, everything is smaller.


Stay tuned if you're interested.


In the meantime, I started a write-up/discussion about the kit here: Shipyard H.M.S. Alert, 1777, 1:96-scale Paper Model kit





Clare Hess

He's a -> "HE"

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somehow I came across your introduction of the 1:72 Version of the Card built "Alert" cutter. Those pics you are showing (links in your post) made my mind turning around building a cutter of this type, but in wood. Wonderful that clinker card-planking, and the whole build is awsome.

Thanks so much for sharing this Information !



Current builds

-Lightship Elbe 1


- Steamship Ergenstrasse ex Laker Corsicana 1918- scale 1:87 scratchbuild

"Zeesboot"  heritage wooden fishing small craft around 1870, POB  clinker scratch build scale 1:24

Pilot Schooner # 5 ELBE  ex Wanderbird, scale 1:50 scratchbuild

Mississippi Sterwheelsteamer built as christmapresent for grandson modified kit build

Chebec "Eagle of Algier" 1753--scale 1:48-POB-(scratchbuild) 

"SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" four stacker passenger liner of 1897, blue ribbond awarded, 1:144 (scratchbuild)
"HMS Pegasus" , 16 gun sloop, Swan-Class 1776-1777 scale 1:64 from Amati plan 

-"Pamir" 4-mast barque, P-liner, 1:96  (scratchbuild)

-"Gorch Fock 2" German Navy cadet training 3-mast barque, 1:95 (scratchbuild) 

"Heinrich Kayser" heritage Merchant Steamship, 1:96 (scratchbuild)  original was my grandfathers ship

-"Bohuslän" , heritage ,live Swedish museum passenger steamer (Billings kit), 1:50 

"Lorbas", river tug, steam driven for RC, fictive design (scratchbuild), scale appr. 1:32

under restoration / restoration finished 

"Hjejlen" steam paddlewheeler, 1861, Billings Boats rare old kit, scale 1:50

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