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Half Moon by ChrisLinden - Corel

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Hello all,


Im fairly new to the hobby, started in 2013 and joined the dutch www.modelbouwforum.nl community which has been very helpful. I've been mainly doing Warhammer miniature painting and plastic kits so my expertise is painting, not wood works :-)


I finished my first wooden model kit the Pinta from Amati with the dutch forum help, and loved it so I started the Friesland from Mamoli soon after. I've been working on the Friesland for one year now and its been very difficult. The result is not bad for a beginner, but I needed something on the side as a "breather" so I started the Half Moon from Corel, a nice little kit similar to the Pinta.


I plan to age and weather this ship heavily, possibly even going totally unorthodox and priming/spraypainting it completely, leaving no natural wood visible, then paint up the wood colors and details by hand. My first ship was done "traditionally" using blank and wood color varnishes. The Friesland I am weathering and staining using Warhammer paints/inks. For this one I want to try a third approach :)


So without further ado: Currently assembling the frame, keel, bulwarks and main deck. All straight forward so far.







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I am thinking of buying new wood for the first planking as the wood in the kit is almost 2 mm thick. Which is really thick for a small model like this. My planking wood on the big Friesland model wasn't even this thick. 

Problem is that I want to cut away parts of the false keel to embed the planking and have it "level" out with the keel. But there's no way I can do this with this thick planking, as the keel is only 4 mm thick to begin with. 

Does anyone else recognise this problem?

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I've taken some time to decide how to approach this build.


I've toyed with the idea to completely scratch and redo the hull/keel but finally settled on only remaking part of the false keel to allow for better planking and a slightly more realistic feel. I sawed off parts of the keel part provided in the kit, then replaced those with new scratch made parts. 





It was fun to do and certainly got me more interested to maybe try a complete scratch plank on frame model sometime. 




Not much progress so far, but will pick up the pace soon. I've also made a tiny workbench in our 2x3m shed, not much but at least keeps the family peace :) 





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I had a busy time at work. But found some time to build on this model.


Started the first planking, always a fun part to do. Keeping it really rough right now as the plank thickness gives me a lot of breathing room to sand it to a smooth surface. I expect this to finish soon, then i will start to work more delicately.



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Hello Chris..

Just read your log and appreciate your innitiative.  I guess I'm not as adventurous as you and plan to build the Half Moon conventionally.  I was lucky to pick up a kit on Ebay yesterday for a ridiculous low price so I may make that my next build.  I just finished the Jotika kit, HMS Victory and so I'm planning my next build. I notice it's been some time since your last posting so I hope you haven't given up.  Have a great day.





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